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June 2011


Messy yard cops go nuts in Antelope Valley

  In this article the messy yard cops in Antelope Valley (which is a part of Los Angeles County) are going nuts. This poor slob faces 7 years in prison for messy yard crimes.  

F.A.C.E.OFF - Fight Against Code Enforcement Office

  I didn't know there was a group against the unconstitutional messy yard laws, but there is. The group is called F.A.C.E.OFF according to this article about some messy yard cops in Antelope Valley.  

Phoenix Pigs run boxers out of Palomino Park

  In this article the Phoenix Police don't like it when kids box in Palomino Park so they have come up with the lame *ss excuse that you need a permit if you are going to box in Palomino Park.

I suspect that is selective enforcement of the law, or probably just making up the law on the fly.

Are they going to say that if you walk your dog in the park more then once you need a permit. Or that if you walk your jog in the park more then once you need a permit.


The "Drug War" has turned American into a police state

  If you love police states you probably almost certainly love the American "War on Drug".

The "War on Drugs" has turned American into a police state. The "War on Drug" is also a war on the American people, the Bill of Rights and on the U.S. Constitution.

Last but not least the "War on Drugs" is also a jobs program for cops that gives them a whole slew of harmless Cheech and Chong stoners who are easy arrests for the police.

I also plan to post articles on "Medical Marijuana" on this web page.

The government tyrants in Arizona who rely on the "War on Drugs" as a jobs program for cops, prosecutors, prison guards, probation officers and other government jobs are doing everything they can to flush the Arizona Medical Marijuana laws down the toilet.


It's not a crime to enter Mexico without papers?

  According to this article Mexico has decriminalized entering the country with out papers.  

July 2011 Reason Magazing - Great Issue on the Criminal Injustice system

  OK, May isn't even over yet but the July 2011 issue of Reason Magazine is already out.

The title on the cover says something like "Criminal Justice" and the magazine is full of great article on how American has turned into the worlds biggest police state and prison system, largely because of our illegal, and unconstitutional "war on drugs", which is really a war on the Bill of Rights, Constitution, and the America People.

If you can't get a copy of the printed magazine wait another month or so and the whole issued will be on the web at:


Cell Phones cause cancer?

According to this article cell phones might cause cancer. And then again cell phones might not cause cancer.

Government tyrants at DHS refuse to issue pot licenses

  According to his article the government tyrants in the Arizona Department of Health Services are refusing to issue permits for people to sell medical marijuana as required by Arizona's Proposition 203 which legalized medical marijuana.

If I wasn't an atheist I would say that is why God created the 2nd Amendment.


Penalties increase for flashing lasers at planes

  I didn't know this but according to this article at the Federal level it is a civil penalty, not a criminal penalty to point a laser beam at a plane.

I suspect the Feds did that because their is a much lower standard of proof required to convict a person in a civil action as opposed to a criminal action.

Of course I suspect all the Federal laws making it illegal to point a laser beam at a plane are unconstitutional.


Coldest summer I can ever remember

  Man it is June 1 and it is still cold outside. This is the coldest summer I can ever remember in Phoenix. Man it's now June 1 and we only have had 2 or 3 days where it has been above 100°F.

It was cool when I got up this morning. Same for yesterday. But the good news is at least when I go home it is nice and warm.


New Jersey Governor takes helicopter to son baseball game

  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie takes a state helicopter to son’s baseball In this article Chris Christie, the royal governor of New Jersey uses a state owned helicopter to get a ride to his son's high school baseball game.


I checked out Gangplank today. They have what's called the First Wednesday dog and pony show where they give you a tour of the place.

The good news is that Gangplank is a pretty cool place.

The bad news is that Gangplank is funded with a lot of money that is stolen, i.e.: government money from the city of Chandler which they stole from the people of Chandler.

A woman called Katie Charland gave us tour of the place.

Gangplank either has or soon will have offices in Avondale and Tucson.

They had a cool laser burner, laser cutter, laser etcher, or laser engraver, which you can put wood, metal, glass and just about anything else in it and it will burn it with a laser beam. I think anybody can use it.

They also have a wifi network that anybody can use when they do work at Gangplank. Sadly again I think this is a government wifi network which is paid for by the city of Chandler.

They have a Coke machine which sells Mountain Dews for 25¢ which is much cheaper then across the street at the library.

Their hours are from like 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

There is a gangplank spin off called HeatSync Labs which is in Downtown Mesa. HeatSync Labs isn't part of Gangplank, but started out using their office space and got big enough that they could move into an office of their own.


Homeland Security - Bust head first, think last

  In this article the morons in the Homeland Security and U.S. Airforce scrambled two F-16 fighter planes to intercept a commercial airline because of get this, a passenger lowered his seat too quickly and bumped the passenger behind him.

What were those idiot's in the government planning on doing? Shooting down and killing 144 passengers on the plane because of a minor accident?

Of course the morons at the Homeland Security will probably be shaking they heads screaming at me saying it "was much worse then that!" saying they "didn't over react".

Well yes initially it was reported that there was a fist fight on the plane. Hot damn, I guess the idiots in Homeland Security would have loved to use that as a lame excuse and have the F-16s shoot down the plane because who knows, maybe one of the participants in the fist fight was a "terrorist"!

Newly discovered photos of Marilyn Monroe

Newly discovered photos of Marilyn Monroe


Drug War is a dismal failure - Global Commission on Drug Policy

In these articles the Global Commission on Drug Policy says that the drug war is a dismal failure and should be ended. Finally!

Government Nannies at USDA change their mind - Again

"3 Food Groups" and "Food Pyramid" are out, "My Plate" is in

  According to this article the idiots at the USDA have changed their minds on what we are supposed to eat, again.

In grade school I remember the government nannies telling us to equal parts of the "3 food group". Then later on in my life the idiots at the USDA said opps we are all wrong on that "3 food group" thingy and replaced it with the "Food Pyramid".

Looks like the government nannies at the FDA have changed their minds again. The "Food Pyramid" is out and the new "My Plate" is in.


Recall government tyrant Russell Pearce

  In this article 18,315 signatures were filed to recall government tyrant Russell Pearce. That is more than double the 7,756 signatures they were required.

Our government masters like to portray democracy as this wonderful thing where everybody votes and after the election they can say that "the people have spoken and they want ...".

But in reality very few people vote and nut jobs like Russell Pearce and Sheriff Joe get elected by a small minority of of nut jobs like themselves.


Heart Attack Grill goes out of business

  Sadly according to this article The Heart Attack Grill in Chandler, Arizona which was known for it's Quadruple Bypass Burger and hot waitresses dress in skimpy nurses outfits has gone out of business.  

Feds sell Unabomber's stuff

Unabomber's sunglasses and hood

  According to this article the Federal government auctioned off and sold all the Unibomber's stuff.

I really didn't care much about the Unabomber till his bomb threats shut down LAX, which really ticked me off because at the time I was living near LAX and his sadistic version of fun caused me some problems.

While many people consider Theodore Kaczynski or Ted Kaczynski a folk hero for his war against rich people and his war against technology I think he is just a common criminal and murderer.

Dr. Jack Kevorkian Dies at 83

According to this article Dr. Jack Kevorkian, who is also know as Dr. Death has died.

I always liked Dr. Jack Kevorkian because of his fight to allow terminally ill people who were in pain to kill themselves.

Until I read this article I didn't know he supported the death penalty as a way to get human organs for medical research. I am not too happy with that.


Got any "My Husband's a jerk" cards?

I\'m sorry madam, we don\'t have any \'I apologize for my husbands disgraceful behavior at the wedding\' cards

I'm sorry madam, we don't have any 'I apologize for my husbands disgraceful behavior at the wedding' cards.


Finally warm weather is on it's way!!!!!

  This is one of the coldest summers I can ever remember in Phoenix. I don't think it has hit 100°F more then 3 times. According to this article warm weather is on it's way to Phoenix. It is supposed to hit 105°F on Sunday according to one weather report I read.

Phoenix-area temperatures to heat up this weekend

by Brittany Smith - Jun. 3, 2011 08:54 AM

The Arizona Republic-12 News Breaking News Team

Phoenix-area temperatures Saturday and Sunday are expected to be the highest so far this year, according to the National Weather Service.

Saturday's high is forecast to reach 102 and Sunday is expected to hit 105, according to the Weather Service.

The highest temperature in Phoenix so far this year has been 101 degrees.

Temperatures on Friday are expected to skirt just under 100 degrees, with a forecast high of 99 and low of 71.


Government nannies require porn stars to wear rubbers?

  According to this article government nannies in California are considering requiring porn stars to wear rubbers when they make adult movies.

Jesus, why don't these government morons get a life and get micromanaging our lives.


Heart Attack Grill goes out of business?

  According to this article the Heart Attack Grill is going out of business. In another article the owner of the Heart Attack Grill claims the Chandler messy yard cops are driving him out of business.  

F-16s scrambled because a passenger was bumped with a head rest

  The police have a long history of making mountains out of molehills. I suspect that is because it is mostly a jobs program to create jobs for themselves.

If the cops told the truth and said they were needed to bust pot smokers who laugh and eat too much, everybody would tell them to find a real job.

Of course the cops don't say that. They tell us that if a Negro smokes one joint of marijuana he will go out an rape 6 white woman. Now that will get them jobs.

In this article the morons in the Homeland Security Department made some rather huge mountains out of a tiny molehill.

The scrambled a couple of F-16 jets to intercept a commercial airliner with 144 people on board. Why? Because a passenger lowered his seat rest too fast and bumped into the passenger behind him.

Some of the initial article on this made it sound even worse claiming some passengers got into a fist fight on the plane.

I have one question! What were the F-16s going to do? Shoot the plane down killing all 144 passengers if the fist fight didn't stop?


Supreme Court Approves Police State E-Verify

  In this article the Supreme Court approved the Arizona law which required employers to use the police state E-Verify check of all new people getting jobs.

Cops bust Rock Burglar

In this article the cops in the Phoenix area busted the alleged "Rock Burglar" who has turned into a local folk hero with hundreds of burglaries of rich folks homes in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix and Fountain Hills.

I suspect the cops violated his Constitutional rights and illegally searched him, before illegally arresting him.

Just be cause the cops are criminal in this case doesn't justify the criminal actions of the "Rock Burglar".


More on that Mercedes that flipped me off

  Remember that Mercedes that flipped me off two weeks ago on Saturday morning about 7 am. I wonder was that Barry Hess?

Also Mooky said that I was a long term plant? Was he just joking or is that a new lie being spread around by Ernie and his gang. I think the new idea is that since there isn't a shred of evidence that I snitched on anybody that they are now saying I am a long term snitch. F*ck those liars and hypocrites


Pima County Sheriff Officers kill wrong guy

  In this article some Pima County Cops pumped 60 bullets into the wrong guy killing him.

Ever since this police murder the cops have been trying to justify it as they always do.

First they claimed the guy they murdered pointed a gun at them. The gun was later found to have it's safety in the locked position, which would have made the gun impossible to fire. Of course I wonder did the cops make the thing up about the guy pointing the gun at them.

Next they claimed the guy was a big time drug dealer, despite the fact that NOTHING illegal was found in the raid.

Ganja Gourmet serves pot edibles

Man legalize pot and strange things start happening. According to this article a restaurant wills soon be opened in Phoenix called the Ganja Gourmet.

The Ganja Gourmet sells high quality foods make out of marijuana, or well medical marijuana.

The Pink Sidewalk?

Yes there really is a Pink Sidewalk in Phoenix, Arizona.

When I was a kid growing up in Phoenix we used to go party at the Pink Sidewalk near 24th Street and Lincoln Drive in Phoenix or perhaps Paradise Valley.


So you think the FBI is spying on you?

  Don't worry you are not paranoid, your are probably right! The FBI spies on everybody according to this article.

So Ernie Hancock is almost certainly right that the FBI is spying on him. On the other hand Ernie is wrong and I am not one of those thugs doing the spying.

Is Don Stapley a crook?

If Maricopa County Supervisor Don Stapley is a crook Sheriff Joe certainly didn't catch him in the act according to this article.

Of course that doesn't mean Maricopa County Supervisor Don Stapley isn't a crook, it just means he hasn't been caught.


Mesa government tyrants terrorize convenience stores?

  In this article it sure sounds like the tyrants in the city of Mesa government are terrorizing convenience stores.

Drug war nightmares

Here are some stories about the drug war nightmare!

Tempe tyrants violate messy yard laws

  For years the royal rulers of Tempe have violated their own messy yard laws.

In this article the Hayden Flour Mill on Mill Avenue and the Salt River which has been violating Tempe's messy yard laws for years gets a coat of paint.


Point a laser at a plane and go to jail?

Nope, it's a civil infraction to point a laser at a plane

  Well not at the Federal level. According to this article it is NOT a crime to point a laser beam at an airplane, but it is a CIVIL penalty to point a laser beam at an airplane.  

It's not a crime to enter Mexico illegally

  OK, please don't make fun of me for saying the above oxymoron. But Mexico has changed it's laws according to this article and it is no longer a crime to enter Mexico without the required papers, it is now some sort of civil infraction.  

Phoenix Police run boxers out of Palomino Park

  According to this article the Phoenix Police have invented an imaginary law that requires kids to get a permit to box in Palomino Park.  

Chandler gets sued over noisy, stinky dog park

  In this article the city of Chandler is getting sued for it's noisy, stinky Shawnee Bark Park near Alma School and Elliot roads.  

A black robe means you can have sex with any woman you want?

  A gun and a badge black robe means you can have sex with any woman you want? Well on paper it doesn't, but some judges feel that way as documented in this article.

The Well on the Canal

I was riding my bike along the Tempe Canal and I noticed they are drilling a well near the Wal-Mart. I asked a guy who was working there for the details.

He said they going to drill the well to 800 feet, which is about 80 stories deep or tall. He said the water level is about 300 feet down. Which is about 30 stories down.

I think he said the hole is 48 inches across or about 4 feet in diameter.

He said the water that will come out of it is clean enough to drink. They won't dump the water into the canal like the other stuff I see, that would just dirty it up.

Those sacks of cement I saw. Well they are used as they are drilling the well to form a casing around the well. But that is just temporary.

When the well is finished they will destroy the casing and fill the well with gravel.

The water will be pumped up thru the gravel which will clean it even more.

The guy lives and works in Phoenix, but his company is a multinational company which drills wells all over the world. He said they were the company that drilled the holes to rescue the miners in Chile.

While the well is owned by SRP or Salt River Project, they will probably sell the water to Mesa or Tempe, which will use it for drinking water.

He said the well will take a month and a half to drill and cost about a million dollars to drill.

June 10, 2011 update.

Today I talked to a woman who works for SRP at the well and she gave me some information that conflicts with what the other guy told me.

She said they are drilling the well to 1,200 feet or about 120 stories deep. The other guy told me they were drilling to 800 feet.

The woman who works for SRP told me that here the water table is about 100 feet deep or 10 stories deep. The other guy said that the water level was at 300 feet.

Last the woman told me what while the water is very clean it will be dumped into the canal, where it will go downstream and be processed at a city water treatment plant. The other guy said the water would NOT be dumped into the canal.

I suspect she knows what she is talking about because she works for SRP, which owns the canal. And because SRP is also the owner of the well and SRP is contracting with the other guys to drill the well.

She also said that the well will take about a month and half to complete, maybe longer.

She also said that drilling the well is only a small part of what needs to be done. There is lots of other work.

I asked here why they were drilling to 1,200 feet if the water table is only at 100 feet.

She said that the water is cleaner the deeper you go. She said they will test the water quality every 40 feet or so and make a decision on where to pump the water from base on how clean it is.

She said there are all kinds of silly government rules that they have to follow on testing the water and so on.

She mentioned arsenic too. But she didn't have a major problem with the government like I do.

Is the drill run by robots with no human help?

I asked that question to the woman from SRP and she told me no.

She said the drill is ran by a two man crew.

My Laptop Computer

I got my lap top computer out of my locker today. Wow it has been sitting around a long time. I bought it before I started hanging out with the Libertarians in Phoenix.

Of course that is really depressing because I found out those creeps have been spreading lies about me ever since I started hanging out with them.

I didn't know if it would work. I figured the bearings on the hard disk might have froze up. They didn't and it works fine.

Man it sure is small. It's only slightly bigger then those small computers in Target and Wal-Mart.

I am having the usually problems that computer geeks always do.

I tried to hook a zip disk to it, but it didn't know the zip drive was attached.

Since floppy disks are obsolete I could't put the device driver I got off the internet on the computer.

So I burnt a CD ROM on a friends computer and tried to load it that way.

My CD reader which is hooked up via a PCMCIA cable couldn't read the CD ROM. I suspect it is a newer format it doesn't understand. The CD reader does work and I had no problem reading an other CD ROM disk.

Next step is to try to copy the file to the laptop using laplink. When I bought the laptop I used laplink to move files over a RS-232 connection to my other computers.

But the RS-232 cable I have has a male connection so I need to get a sex change connector to make it work. I also may need to get a null modem, which is a connector that swaps pins 2 and 3.

I found some stuff on a lawyer named Christoper Hamilton Reed. My friend James Crenshaw paid him $2,000 for some work he never did.

When will film become obsolete?

It's only a matter of time before film becomes obsolete, for all practical purposes. The only question is when? Read more in this article.

Arizona license plates for diplomats?

I was suprised to discover that the State of Arizona issues license plates for diplomats.

Trial for Baseline Killer starts today

According to this article the trial for the Baseline Killer or Mark Goudeau starts today.

If you ask me the Phoenix Police are framing Mark Goudeau for the murder. After all he is a Blackman with a criminal records so it's pretty obvious to the racist Phoenix police that he must be the murderer.

An interesting side path on this case is the murder of Georgia Thompson. James Mullins a criminal from Kentucky who had never been to Phoenix confessed to her murder. The Tempe Police department looked like fools after it was discovered that they were suckered into believing that James Mullins was their man.

When it was discovered that it would have been impossible for James Mullins to murder Georgia Thompson they are now trying to blame Mark Goudeau for her murder.

Electric model planes

Electronically powered drones are in?

According to this article more and more people are flying electric powered model airplanes or drones over gas power model airplanes.

Think the government is corrupt?

If you think the government is corrupt and needs to be overthrown you are probably a criminal under the Smith Act of 1940 according to this article. Yes your THOUGHTS are a crime, even if you have no intent whatsoever of carrying them out.

I'm from the government, please bend over

According to this article our royal rulers have made plans to spend $61.6 trillion in unfunded obligations which amounts to $534,000 for every Amercan household. That's more than five times what Americans have borrowed for everything else — mortgages, car loans and other debt.

Our royal masters in Washington D.C. love to tell us they are "public servants", but how often are "servants" given access to their master checkbook and allowed to write unlimited amounts of checks.

Obama’s phony accounting on the auto industry bailout

In this article the Washington Post analyizes a speach Obama gave about the auto industry and concludes that Obama is piling the BS high and deep.

Of course the lies and BS Obama shovels to the American public is just the same lies and BS that all the crooks in Congress feed to the American public.


No Sexting - Well except with your Congressman

No sexting - well except to your friends in the U.S. Congress and Senate - Like Congressman Weiner


Greenpeace campaign targets Mattel

According to this article activists rappelled down the face of the 15-story El Segundo headquarters of Mattel, and hung a giant banner of a frowning Ken doll look-alike with the message: “Barbie, it's over. I don’t date girls that are into deforestation”

Even if I do think they are all nut jobs it was a pretty cool stunt.

CPS jefe makes $250,000

According to this article the new boss of the Chicago Public School system gets paid $250,000. Not bad for a do nothing government bureaucrat.

Free school lunches

Love kids, but can't afford to feed them? According to this article you can have as many kids as you want and if you can't afford to feed them the government will.

A modern computerized peeping Tom?

In this article a modern peeping Tom installs software on computers to allow him to view naked woman.

Another war in Yemen

In this article the American Empire is also involved in another little war in Yemen. I suspect in Yemen we are propping up a dictator that runs a religious theocracy.

Of course don't get upset that the American Empire is propping up a dictator, Emperor Obama and the tyrants in the U.S. Congress and Senate will tell you that he is "our" dictator, in addition to being a really good dictator.

Drug war is a dismal failure

According to this article the U.S. can't justify its drug war spending. I guess that is a polite way of saying that the American drug war is a dismal failure.

While the drug war may have started out as a jobs program for cops it has turned into a welfare program for cops, generals and the military industrial complex. In addition to being a war on the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the American people.

Apple Computer supports the Police State?

According to this article Apple Computer seems to support the police state and will reject D.U.I. checkpoints apps.

If Apple Computer really supported "the People", it would be fighting the police state instead of supporting it. Hiel Hitler, Hiel Steve Jobs, Hiel Steve Wozniak.

Russian ATMs detect liars

According to this article the software in these Russian ATMs can detect liars.

I guess the only thing missing is a gun on the machine to execute people for the crime of lying after the machine catches them.

Let's hope the tyrants in the American Homeland Security don't find out about this technology.

Alaska hates homeless people

According to this article the cops in Anchorage ready to run homeless people out of town.

You would figure the biggest state in the Union with the smallest population would have room for a few homeless people to camp out, but I guess I am wrong on that.

The government tyrants in Alaska seem to be just as bad as the government tyrants in the lower 48 states.

QR Codes - QR Barcodes

Quick Response Bar Codes

a qr code, qr barcode, quick response code or quick response barcode with this webpages URL on it 
          - http://warmweather.tripod.com Here is an article from the LA Times that talks about QR codes, QR barcodes, Quick Response codes, or Quick Response bar codes. Pretty cool stuff. I even included a URL that will allow you to generate your own QR codes. The QR code to the left contains the URL of this website. Cool huh?

Senator Scott Bundgaard charged with assault

According to this article Senator Scott Bundgaard has been charged with misdemeanor assault and endangerment for allegedly beating up his former girlfriend, Aubrey Ballard on February 25, 2011.

Congress delegates it's powers to the President on PPACA

In this article they say that Congress has delegated it's powers to the President on Obamacare or the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act". I suspect that is mainly to make it difficult, if not impossible for for Obamacare to be repealed.

If you have you head in the sand this should be a good indication to you that Congress doesn't work for the people who elected them, but rather for the special interest groups that raise money for them and help them stay in power.

Tape record a crooked cop? Go to jail!

Stupid naive Americans love to think that American a a free country and not the police state found in many countries around the world. How wrong they are.

In this article a number of people are facing draconian prison sentences for tape recording or taking pictures of crooked Chicago cops. Tiawanda Moore could get 4 to 15 years in prison for tape recording a Chicago cop who was sexually abusing her.

Michael Allison is facing 75 years in prison for wanting to tape record a court hearing he was in.

Let's face it, these laws clearly protect our government masters from criminal charges when they commit crimes against the people they pretend to serve.

FBI agents get more police state powers

In this article we find out that FBI agents are now allowed to do anything they want to hunt down alleged criminals. Hell in this case it isn't even alleged criminals. FBI agents can now hunt down anybody they want for almost any reason they want. Say Hiel Hitler if you love the FBI and the police state.

$6.6 billion in cash stolen from U.S. Military in Iraq

In this article the U.S. Military says that $6.6 billion in cash, yes that is $6.6 BILLION in cash is missing and unaccounted for in Iraq.

The $6.6 billion was almost certainly stolen by members of the U.S. Government.

Bean Sprouts an invitation to food poisoning?

This article says that based on the way bean sprouts are grown that if you eat them it is almost an invitation to get food poisoning.

Finally warm weather is here!

I hate cold weather. And this summer is the coldest I can remember in a long time. It will be nice to finally get some warm weather in the Valley. Hell, until yesterday I doubt if we had more then 3 days of 100°F+ temps.

Phoenix area should hit high for year this week

by Brittany Smith - Jun. 13, 2011 08:06 AM

The Arizona Republic-12 News Breaking News Team

Temperatures in the Phoenix area should hit the hottest temperatures so far this year by mid-week, according to the National Weather Service.

Monday is likely to reach 103 degrees, with a forecasted 74 degree low. Tuesday is expected to reach 105 degrees with a forecasted 79 degree low, according to the Weather Service.

Temperatures are expected to peak Wednesday at 108 degrees and "cool down" to an 80-degree low, according to the Weather Service.

Temperatures Thursday and Friday are expected to be slightly lower than Wednesday, with highs of 107 degrees and 104 degrees, respectively.

Both days are expected to have 79-degree lows, according to the Weather Service.

The warmest temperature so far this year in the Phoenix area was on June 5 when temperatures hit 105 degrees, according to the Weather Service.

Boyce Thompson Arboretum

Last Friday I went to the Boyce Thompson Arboretum.

Sadly I thought it was a private company run by the private sector. But it turns out it is run by the government nannies. I think it is run by a three way partnership between the University of Arizona, the Arizona State Parks Department and some other government agency that I forgot the name of.

To get there you take highway 60 from Phoenix and a few miles from Superior is the park. It's near milepost 223. The exact address is:

Boyce Thompson Arboretum
37615 U.S. Highway 60
Superior, AZ
It seemed pretty much like the Desert Botanical Gardens which is on the Scottsdale, Tempe and Phoenix border next to Papago Park.

The one thing I remember is they had a bunch of cactuses with really, really long needles. Jesus, one cactus had needles that were at least 6 inches long. That about 15 cm for those of you who think in metric.

I also saw a number or cardinal birds. Man they are really cool with their red bodies.

While you folks New York City who have never seen, touched or ate cactuses call them cacti, us folks in Arizona call them, cactuses which they are.

The park is also on Queen Creek. I was told Queen Creek runs along US 60. As with most rivers in Arizona Queen Creek at that location was bone dry. I suspect it has water in it when it rains.

Even though Superior is probably 10 degrees cooler then Phoenix the landscape was the same desert that we have in Phoenix but at a slightly higher altitude.

I also ran out of memory when taking photos. That's the first time that has ever happened to me.

Habanero Peppers coming along just great

The last time I was at the Desert Botanical Gardens I bought a chile habañero plant. Man that thing is growing like a weed.

It has two peppers on it now.

Chile habañero peppers are the hottest chile peppers in the world, with the exception of some specialized varieties they grow in India called ghost chili, ghost pepper, Bhut Jolokia, or Naga Jolokia.

Oddly Wikipedia says that the chile habañero peppers are NOT the hottest peppers in the world and that honor goes to the Naga Viper Pepper.

I would also like to grow some chili tepin peppers which are the 3rd hottest peppers in the world. Chili tepins seem to be an Arizona thing and I have not seen them outside of Arizona and the Mexican state of Sonora. The article says they also have chili tepins in Texas and in fact it is the state pepper of Texas.

Blue Heron in Mesa

I was riding my bike by a park in Mesa on Dobson Road and 8th Street and I was suprised to see this egret or perhaps blue heron just standing there by the lake.

The bird was huge. It looked like it was at least 3 feet tall, maybe 3 and a half feet tall.

While the color of the bird is grey, some people have told me the bird is a blue heron.

I have seen egrets in Papago Park. Egrets are white in color and just as big in size as this bird.

I suspect that creep David Dorn will say that is is proof that I am a government snitch. That jerk will probably say I am going to turn this photo into the Feds.

Jesus David! You are a real creep. Don't you have the lives of anybody else to destroy?

An egret or blue heron in Mesa, Arizona

Cop gets 60 days for viewing porn at work

In this article an Illinois piggy gets 60 days for looking at child porn while on duty.

I am quite surprised at the lenient sentence. In the police state of Arizona the piggy would have gotten 10 years for each image viewed. I mean a normal person would have gotten 10 years for each image viewed. I suspect a cop would never be arrested for viewing child porn in Arizona.

We are not crooks - NY Legislators!

According to this article the folks that are in the New York Legislator are not crooks, it just looks that way. Bribes will get you nowhere!

On the other hand a $10,000 campaign contribution will get you the best laws money can buy. But honest, they are not crooks!

How to make detergent at home?

This article tells you how to make laundry detergent in the privacy of you own home. It's cheaper than buy it and not quite as complex as making explosives.

American Empire fights tyranny aboard!

In this article the American Empire pretends to help fighting censorship in third world dictatorships.

Too bad the American Empire isn't fighting tyranny at home. I guess Emperors Bush and Obama would have been overthrown long ago if that was true.

Reema Bajaj - Prostitute?

I don't know if Reema Bajaj is a prostitute or not! And for that matter I don't care!

I saw her photo and though she looked pretty cute so I posted it here.

Reema Bajaj arrested by the Chicago PD for prostitution


Dreaming about overthrowing the government?

If so you are probably a criminal according to this article. Under the Smith Act, a conviction does not require any attempts to overthrow the government, just statements by the accused that they thought the U.S. government should be overthrown.

I guess that all of us who think the U.S. government is corrupt to the core because they have not been following the Constitution for years are criminals who will be jailed if the tyrants in Congress have their way.

Finally some nice warm weather!

This is the coldest summer I can ever remember in Phoenix. Finally some nice warm weather.

Phoenix area hits 110, making it hottest day of the year

by Maria Polletta - Jun. 15, 2011 09:31 PM

The Arizona Republic

It was nice while it lasted.

After weeks of below-average temperatures, thermometers in the Phoenix area hit 110 Wednesday, five days shy of the official first day of summer.

Long gone are the unseasonably low daily highs Valley residents enjoyed earlier in the month, according to National Weather Service meteorologist Dan Leins.

"We were consistently below normal pretty much the entire month of June - we've been lucky to be in the 90s," Leins said. "But it doesn't look like (daily highs) are going below 100 now, maybe not for the rest of the summer."

Though the monsoon officially started Wednesday, Leins said the Weather Service didn't expect a significant increase in humidity. The service forecasts highs of 106 Thursday, 104 Friday, 105 Saturday and 104 Sunday, with "extremely" strong ultraviolet rays around midday.

"Water. Fluids, fluids, fluids. That's all I say to people," said 41-year-old John Gray, crouched under an overhang as he waited for the light rail in Tempe on Wednesday.

Gray, a California native, learned the importance of drinking enough water the hard way after relocating to the Phoenix area eight years ago.

"I got dehydrated, lightheaded, all of that after moving here," he said. "It took a long time to get adjusted to the summer temperatures. And you never really adjust to 115-plus degrees."

Some Valley residents don't have a choice.

Dulce Diaz's line of work requires her to be outside. Diaz, a 20-year-old Phoenix groundskeeper who was out raking a flowerbed near the Arizona Center late Wednesday morning, labors under the blistering sun.

Her skin shielded by a baseball cap, long-sleeved button-down shirt, cargo pants, sneakers and shades, Diaz explained that getting an early start is the best way for outdoor workers to combat the summer heat.

"We usually try to start as early as we can, do the heaviest work in the mornings," Diaz said, peering beneath the brim of her hat. "Then, after noon, we move on to the lighter stuff."

Tempe resident and diehard exerciser Will Primack, 34, follows the same strategy.

Primack started Wednesday off with a 20-mile bike ride. He gets up as early as 4 a.m. to run, bike or hike, and his bicycle is equipped with three water cages that can hold up to 72 ounces of liquid.

It's easy for Primack, who plans to run a triathlon in July, to spot out-of-towners or inexperienced athletes.

"When I'm hiking, I always see people up at Camelback (Mountain) with this little, 16-ounce bottle of water," he said. "I just know they're going to have to be rescued out of there later in the day."

Boulders on Broadway

I went to a NORML meeting at the Boulders on Broadway, which is over on Roosevelt & Broadway.

It was a pretty cool place. I thought it was a lot like Minderbinders in Tempe or the Bum Stear down in Tucson.

Even though I didn't buy any, the food was pretty good.

They had these little mini-pizza for $8 or $9 which was pretty expensive, but they looked good.

Some guy bought everybody these cool pizza chips.

They were standard Mexican chips covered with cheeze, olives, pepperoni and other stuff on pizzas.

This is the first time I have ever seen people selling marijuana at NORML meetings. Of course it was legal medical marijuana and the two people there who were involved in the sales where doctors who were only selling to patients who had their Arizona medical marijuana cards.

It's amazing how Prop 203 which legalized medical marijuana is changing things in Arizona.

At most of the NORML meetings it now seems like half the people at the meetings are venders of legal medical marijuana products who are trying to sell their wares to the other people at the meeting.

IBM turns 100

Many people think of IBM as a great computer company. They are wrong on that. IBM always was a great MARKETING company. The folks at IBM could convince Eskimos to buy snow by the boat load and sell it to them at premium prices, if they were going to sell snow like they sold computers.

In IBM engineers where at the bottom of the ladder and marketing and sales type people controlled the company.

Here are a few articles about IBM's alleged 100th birthday.

Hold this while I get the car

Click here to see the last dumb thing the jerk did.

Again the creep seems to think he is my master and that I am his slave.

The jerk decided to get his car and bring it to the entrance and pick us up.

Instead of taking some used food doggy bags to the car with him he ordered me to hold it for him, like I am his slave or something.

I just set the food on the ground because I wasn't the creeps slave. And hell, the food was for the dogs, so who gives a rats *ss if it gets a little dirty. After all the dogs eat stuff off of the floor all the time.

Of course this was not about the jerk asking me to hold his food for a few seconds. It was about the jerk showing me that he was my master and I was his slave. At least that's how I think the jerks mind operates.

The jerk then yelled at me for leaving the food on the ground.

He yelled at me and said ants would get on it.

Well f*ck you jerk. If it's that important why didn't you take it to the car with you.

I hope the jerk assumes that I am too stupid to be his slave and permanently fires me from my position as his slave.

More on the jerk!

Kirby Allan a critic of Mesa government abuse dies

According to this article Kirby Allan who was a longtime critic of the Mesa government died in a house fire. I don't know the guy, nor have I ever heard of him, but it's always sad when a freedom fighter dies, assuming he was a freedom fighter.

Bend over MCCCD wants your money

According to this article the folks at the Maricopa County Community College District have already looted your wallet and they are coming back for more money.

No more free road sign ads for politicians

According to this article Illinois politicians can no longer put their names on road signs to get free publicity at the expense of taxpayers.

Road sign that gives free publicity to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel


What police crimes? I didn't see anything

In this article it sounds like when the cops commit crimes they are totally ignored by police management and city government management. The cops can and do get away with murder in New York City.

Hugh Hefner gets dumped

According to this article Playboy founder Hugh Hefner got dumped by his fiancee Crystal Harris. Hey we don't care about the news, just the photos.

Quad Cities Pizza comes to Arizona

According to this article the Pizza Pit is bringing a taste of the Quad Cities to the Arizona desert. Why anybody would want to bring anything from the Quad Cities to anywhere is beyond me, but it's happening. The Pizza Pit is coming from Moline to Mesa, Arizona.

Sue Tenpe Mayor Hugh Hallman before he leaves office

According to this article Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman isn't going to run for mayor again. I should sue him before he leaves office for his failure to respond to ANY of my many requests for public records I made to him.

How much is the gold in Fort Knox worth?

I saw an interesting show on the History channel about the U.S. Treasury and Mint.

The show said that there are 5000 tons of gold are in Fort Knox and it is valued at a few hundred billion dollars.

The show didn't define their measurements. Is that 5,000 avoirdupois tons of gold? Or 5,000 troy tons of gold.

There is a difference. In American we currently use the avoirdupois system for most of our measurements. But precious metals are still measured using the troy system.

A troy ounce weighs about 10 percent more then an avoirdupois ounce. To be exact one troy ounce is the equivalent of 1.09714 avoirdupois ounces.

On the other hand an avoirdupois pound weights about 20 more then a troy pound.

There are 12 troy ounces in a troy pound and a troy pound weighs about 373 grams.

There are 16 avoirdupois ounces in an avoirdupois pound which weighs about 454 grams.

So one avoirdupois pound is about 1.2 troy pounds.

Since I just want a ball park figure and I am not sure what the original measurements were made in I will assume that troy ounce is the same as an avoirdupois ounce and that a troy pound is the same as an avoirdupois pound.

The final results could be off by up to 20 percent but it will give a good ball park figure.

If there are about 5,000 tons of gold in Fort Knox that means there are about 11,000,000 pounds of gold in Fort Knox.

If there are 11 million pounds of gold in Fort Knox that means there are about 176 million ounces of gold in Fort Knox.

Back in the 1930's when Roosevelt made gold illegal it was valued at $20 an ounce. You could take a $20 bill to a U.S. Treasury office and trade it for one ounce of gold.

That would mean the gold was worth about $3.5 billion in the 1930's at $20 an ounce.

To get people to turn there gold over to the government Roosevelt raised the price of gold to $32 an ounce. At that price the gold would have been worth $5.6 billion.

What would all the gold in Fort Knox be worth today, June 18, 2011?

I googled the price of gold and it is about $1,540 an ounce. For a round number I will use $1,500 an ounce.

At $1,500 an ounce the 5,000 tons of gold in Fort Knox would be worth about $264 billion.

Sadly that isn't even enough to pay off the National Debt which today is sitting at $14.4 trillion as of this very second.

But the real question is why was all that gold moved to Fort Knox?

The gold was moved to Fort Know after Roosevelet made owning gold illegal by private citizens in the early 1930's.

Congress voted to build Fort Knox next to the military base of Fort Knox for the purpose of storing the gold.

One scare tactic they use was the prior to Fort Know most gold was stored in banks on the east coast which could be invaded for a foreign military power and the gold could be stolen.

Fort Know was built 1000 miles from the Atlantic Ocean and on the other side of the Applacation Mountains where it would be safe from enemy invaders wanting to steal our gold. What rubbish. I saw this on the history channel. Last they said that most of the worlds gold is in Fort Knox. Or perhaps that a good part of the worlds gold is in Fort Know. I don't remember what their definition of most of was.

Grams Troy
28.3 0.9 1.0    
31.1 1.0 1.1    
373.2 12.0 13.2 1.0 0.8
453.6 14.6 16.0 1.2 1.0

Flagstaff cops shaking down homeless folks

According to this article the police in Flagstaff Arizona are busy shaking down homeless people.

Not only are the Flagstaff cops hunting down homeless folks, they are using helicopters to hunt down the homeless folks.

I suspect that the helicopters cost at least a $1,000 an hour to operate. I wonder if most citizens who pay the taxes would be willing to spend big bucks like that simply to chase the homeless folks out of town.

Pigs can't park worth sh*t?

If you are like me you probably see police cars illegally parked all the time. Not just illegally parked like us civilians would illegally park them, but police cars parked so illegally that it would defy our imagination on why a cop parked them that way.

Here are some photos of a Chandler Motorcycle Police Officer who is too f*cking lazy to park in the parking lot of the Chandler City Hall so he just parked on the side walk next to the entrance of city hall.

I suspect his excuse is:

I got a gun and a badge and I can do anything f*cking thing I want to. If you don't like it go f*ck yourself!

Senator John McCain blames Mexicans for forest fires

In this article Senator John McCain blames Mexicans for current forest fires.

Hey why not blame them? They can't vote. They can't defend themselves against the charges either.

And of course as H. L. Mencken said:

"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."

Phoenix to add photo radar speed traps?

According to this article the city of Phoenix is considering adding more photo radar speed traps to raise revenue.

The death penalty is very expensive

According to this article every person the state of California executes costs the taxpayers $308 million. That's almost a third of a billion dollars so the government can get it's jollies by murdering a criminal.

A death penalty prosecution costs up to 20 times as much as a life-without-parole case.

If you ask me the death penalty is just a jobs program for overpaid prosecutors, judges, defense attorneys, prison guards, and other government employees.

In California the average lag between conviction and execution is more than 17 years. With that in mind I don't think the death penalty is something that prevents people from committing crimes because they know they will quickly executed as a punishment.

ICANN allows more domain names

According to this article the folks at ICCAN are now allowing pretty much anything for internet domain names. You want "coke" for a domain name, shell out $185,000 and you got "coke" for your domain name.

They mostly shovel BS in the U.S. Congress

According to this article most of names Congress gives the bills they create are acts of gross exaggeration.

The best example I can think of the the Patriot Act.

The Patriot Act is a law that Hitler, Stalin, Mao, or any other third rate dictator would be proud of.

I real Patriot is ashamed of the Patriot Act and knows it is just an illegal and unconstitutional law designed to turn America into a police state with a politically correct name.

Bogus bomb threat made up by the cops shuts down D.C.

In this article the cops make mountains out of mole hills as they always do, to create a bomb threat, which was used to shut down much of Washington D.C. near the Pentagon.

In the end no explosives or terrorists where found. Although at this point in time the Black Marine is still under arrest, even if the cops haven't charged him with any crimes.

Government tobacco warning photos

Despite the fact that I am against any government meddeling in the area of tobacco sales I will post the latest warning photos the Federal government nannies have produced warning people not to smoke here.

Which is mainly for your humor and amusement to see what the idiots and thieves who are our government masters are up to.

Government hypocrites

Arizona House official pleads guilty in DUI case

In this article we get the old "Do as I say, not as I do" message from our government masters.

Almost run over by a cop

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 - just before 5:15 pm.

I was walking north on the west side of Alma School. When I got to University I was going to turn and go east because the light just turned green which would allow me to cross Alma School legally.

Some *sshole in a small red or orangeish sports was going east on University and made a right turn to go south on Alma School. It may have been a corvette, or perhaps some other small sports car.

The jerk almost ran me over and was driving like a manic.

I flipped the dude off. He was a real *sshole and deserved to be flipped off.

The creep then hung a u turn and came back to me.

By then I was half way across Alma School Road.

Turns out the creep was a pig! You know a cop, the kind of pig that gives animals a bad name.

This piggy was in his car waving his bad at me like he was going to arrest me.

I could only see him thru his car windows, but he looked like a pudgy fat guy, kinda like Libertarian Powell Gamil.

Jesus the *sshole pig is committing the crime of reckless driving and when I flip him off he treats me like a criminal.

I figure this crooked cop was going to arrest me for flipping him off.

Instead of going south on Alma School, the direction he was going when he almost ran me over the pig continued to go north.

I suspect the pig went up to 8th Street and hung a right there to get back to where he was going.

I wonder was this guy a Mesa police officer who was going to work?

Perhaps I should file a complaint about this and see if I can find his car in the Mesa Police parking lot.

I always say that pigs have a serious attitude problem which can be summarized with this police quote:

I got a gun and a badge, which means I can do any f*cking thing I want.

If you don't like it mother f*cker, I'll smash your face into the ground and arrest you *sshole.

Ain't it great the the pigs are protecting us from something. Or I should say pretending to protect us from something.

I am saving a copy of this text in this url just to document the date and time I wrote it up. From that I can backdate it to the 5:15 time the piggy almost ran me over.

I also saved a copy of this piggy violating my rights at this url on LA Indy Media.

I also copied that url into this url and am adding stuff I forgot to add to it along with updates.

I suspect I can turn this into a U.S.C. 42 §1983 lawsuit in Federal Court because the pig threatened me under color of law when he waved his badge at me as a threat to prevent me from reporting the crime, which violated my 1st Amendment and 14th Amendment constitutional rights.

More problems at the Library

Before the pig ran over me I complained about a nosisy baby crying and screaming in the library. The jerk Librarian refused to shut the kid up.

Doctor Chandler was a crook?

I checked out the Chandler History Museum today and discovered the Doctor Chandler, the guy who founded the city of Chandler Arizona was a crook.

Some of the displays at the museum say that Dr. Chandler was involved in a bunch of fraud to get all the free government land he got in Arizona.

In a nutshell you were allowed to get something like 320 free acres for one person or 640 acres of free land from your family.

The folks at the museum said that Dr. Chandler got a bunch of shell people to help him steal a whole lot more land then he was allowed from the Federal government.

I talked to several people at the museum and they said that it will be documented in a new book called "Chandler".

It will be one of those history books with the sepia photographs on the cover. You know, like the other books on Tempe, Phoenix, Mesa and so on.

Game of Thornes Finale

Some people I know love the TV show "Game of Thrones". If you ask me I think it's a little too violent. Also though if they stopped murdering each other and started killing government criminals I might like it.

Here is a blurb on the final show of the "Game of Thrones" from the LA Times.

Even if I do think the "Game of Thrones" is a little too violent, I still am against censorship.

My view is we don't need any stinking censors. If you don't like the "Game of Thrones" then don't watch it.

We don't need any stinking government nannies to tell us which TV shows we can or can't watch.

Hot woman in the LA Times

Here are some photos of hot woman in the LA Times.

It ain't Playboy, but they sure are hot looking woman.

Government employee unions screw the taxpayers

Sadly government pretty much works as Michael Kaery said in this quote:
Government of the people, by the elected officials and appointed bureaucrats, for the elected officials, appointed bureaucrats and special interest groups that help keep them in power.
In this article we see how government employees use their unions to force the elected officials to pay them what they want, screwing the taxpayers.

On thing the article points out is that in the private sector if a union doesn't get its way they can't fire their bosses.

But in government, employee unions are very powerful and have the ability to fire their bosses.

Why they can't directly fire their bosses the thousands of government employees that work for any government entity can organize and recall or cause elected officials that denied them pay raises to be booted out of office.

Animals genes allow us to navigate using earths magnetic field

According to this article some animals have genes that allow then to use the earths magnetic field to navigate? Do humans have these genes? Some scientists think so.

Obama shovels the BS to get reelected in 2012

Obama pretends to wage peace in Afghanistan

According to this article Obama is pulling 30,000 troops out of Afghanistan in the next two years. I suspect it is an effort to make Obama look like a peace monger so he can get reelected in 2012.

Of course even if Obama really withdraws the 30,000 troops as promised, which he doesn't have to do, the war in Afghanistan will still be just as large as when Obama was elected President.

Taxpayers to pay Andrew Thomas's legal bills

According to this article former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas expects the taxpayers to pay his legal bills. I find this outrageous that the taxpayers are paying his legal bills to defend him against crimes he committed while Maricopa County attorney.

Air Force One - Fit for the American Emperor

I was shocked and disgusted when I viewed a documentary on the History Channel about Air Force 1, which is the plane of the American President.

From the show on Air Force One it is clear that the President of the United States is treated like an Egyptian Pharaoh or royal emperor.

George Washington and other early American Presidents said that they didn't want America to become a country which has a royal king to rule it like the Europium countries of their time.

But sadly America has taken that path and even if the President isn't called the King of America or the American Emperor, the President has certainly become the royal king and emperor of the USA.

Thank God the Founders passed to Second Amendment.

Phoenix cold wave ends

I have complained several times on this web page that Phoenix was having a cold wave this summer and that it was the coldest summer I can remember.

Well yesterday the cold wave finally ended and we are back to our normal 110°'F+ summer weather.

I was certainly happy, but I hate cold weather.

But it is kind of odd jumping directly from those cool 100°F days into 110°F+ weather.

But my feet didn't have any problem. Yesterday when it hit 110°F I was walking around barefoot as I always do without any problems.

I guess I will be happy another few months until October come around and it starts dropping under 100°F.

Floating in Japan

Flying in Japan?
Floating in Japan?
Check out these photos.

floating in Japan


LulzSec hacks Arizona DPS computers

According to this article a hacker group named LulzSec hacked the Arizona Department of Public Safety computers over SB 1070 and the "Drug War".

Some creeps in a Mercedes flip me off

Remember that Mercedes that flipped me off two weeks ago on Saturday morning about 7 am. I wonder was that Barry Hess?

Also Mooky said that I was a long term plant? Was he just joking or is that a new lie being spread around by Ernie and his gang. I think the new idea is that since there isn't a sherd of evidence that I snitched on anybody that they are now saying I am a long term snitch. F*ck those liars and hypocrites

Mayor Dwight Welch - Royal Government Ruler

In this article it sure it sounds like Mayor Dwight Welch thinks the town treasury is his personal wallet. But if you talk to him he will tell you all those expensive meals, clothing, and trips he is taking are not for him, but for you the taxpayers.

When Mayor Dwight Welch buys himself and a few friends a $300 meal at Hooters, think of it as an investment for the city of Country Club Hills.

Congress off to it's annual vacation recess in Europe

According to this article most of our royal U.S. Congressmen and Senators are talking their annual vacation recess to Europe, under the guise of helping out the taxpayers.

I seriously doubt the royal tyrants in the U.S. Senate and U.S. Congress are helping out us taxpayers.

But us taxpayers are helping out the royal Congressmen and Senators by paying for their vacation in Europe.

Again one more reason the founders passed the 2nd Amendment.

Mesa cops find missing leg on Uncle Bob's roof

According to this article the Mesa police have found a missing leg that was severed in a hit and run accident on the roof of Uncle Bob's Storage, at 545 W. Broadway Road in Mesa.

Pakistan aids

According to this article the Pakistan government probably helped bin Laden.

Duh! What did you expect!

The American Empire has been screwing Muslims and Arabs ever since we stole the land of the Palestinians and give it to the Israelis. And of course most of the Arab world has justifiably hated the American government ever since then.

Greatest Vitamin in the World

I may have interviewed with this guy the day before he got arrested. I thought there was a good chance I would get the job, but I didn't.

The reason I didn't get hired may have been because this guy was arrested.

Either way here are some articles about it.

Sadly I probably worked for 3 crooks in the past without knowing they were crooks.

The first was Richard Kulhman and his E-Merchant Direct. His company was raided by the FBI after I left. I didn't see any evidence of crimes when I worked there but I heard a few wild stories from his employees before I quit.

The second was Troy Warren and his Search Big Daddy. Again I didn't see anything while I worked there that would indicate he was involved in crimes, but the media and cops sure are painting him as a criminal.

And last but not least was Pierre Joseph. He didn't pay me a cent for the work I did.

APA Standard 87-1?

American Pyrotechnics Association Standard 87-1?

I was at one of those fireworks tents that just started to open up after Arizona legalized fireworks and noticed this on some sparklers

APA Standard 87-1 - American Pyrotechnics Association Standard 87-1

I googled on "APA 87-1" and found this

which is put out by the American Pyrotechnics Association.

Roland Hill, Peoria messy yard snitch

One of the problems with the messy yard laws is that they are selectively enforced. In this article Roland Hill is a good example of that. He is constantly snitching on his neighbors for trivial messy yard crimes. If you live near Roland Hill you are going to constantly have the messy yard cops at your home.

Arizona Cardinals bribe legislators with football tickets

In this article the Arizona Cardinals seem to have a time honored practice of bribing Arizona legislators with football tickets.

The practice also extends to Arizona State University and the University of Arizona both who bribe our politicians with free football tickets.

$5 trillion freon mistake

Back in 1997 when I was working at AGCS an engineer I worked with gave me a copy of the article titled something like:
$5 trillion mistake
which was published in MACHINE DESIGN MAGAZINE on 1/24/94.

I don't have the article, but this article references it.

The bottom line is that all the silly and almost certainly unconstitutional laws that make freon, R-12, R-22 and other forms of freon illegal are based on junk science.

Chandler City Hall becomes a police state

In this article we hear about the steps the royal rulers of Chandler have taken to turn their city hall into a bigger better police state! Hiel Hitler! The Police State is here!

Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme

The author of this article seems to says that if the government does something, then it is legal and ethical despite what normal people think. Which he uses to justify his conclusion that Social Security is not a Ponzi scheme.

Less money, more cops

Sadly we find out in this article that overpaid and underworked cops seldom get fired or laid off.

Everybody is against the drug war?

Well everybody except cops, judges, probation officers, prison guards and other folks who earn their money from the drug war?

I was at Susan's atheist party up in north Scottsdale and one of the things we talked about was the drug war.

It was pretty interesting because everybody there without any exceptions thought the drug war was wrong and that drugs should be legalized.

I call the drug war a "jobs program" for overpaid cops, prosecutors, probation officers and prison guards. Again, sadly everybody at the party agreed with me.

We also ended up talking about the current wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and again everybody was against ALL of those wars.

Susan is an orphan?

The last time I was at Susan's house a woman who lived in England told me that she was Susan's sister.

Susan told me she was just jiving me because Susan is an orphan and doesn't have any sisters.

States that screw old farts

Bend over, I'm from the government and want your wallet

In this article the list the American states which screw old people by taxing the krap out of their retirement incomes.

Map of Phoenix Canal System

Here is a map of the Phoenix canal system which is run by the SRP or Salt River Project.

Map of Phoenix canal system

Man fined $500 for turning in lost $17,000

In this article a honest man who found $17,000 in cash and turned it in to the cops was fined $500 for false reporting.

Now you know why I hate dealing with government idiots, especially police officers.

A lawyer surplus?

From a Libertarian point of view a lawyer surplus doesn't matter any more then a surplus of ditch diggers.

But still I just included this article about a surplus of lawyers for something interesting.

On the other hand since lawyers are created by the government I suspect the more lawyers you have in any country are an indication of how big the police state is.

Jury convicts ex-Illinois Gov. Blagojevich at retrial

According to this article Illinois Governor Blagojevich has been convicted. Hey if you ask me there isn't anything wrong with Gov. Blagojevich that a bullet can't fix.

Nogales Mayor accepts plea bargin

According to this article former Nogales, Arizona Mayor Octavio Garcia-Von Borstel has accepted a plea bargin and will probably do two years in prison.

Float down a river in Los Angeles?

According to this article you can now take a vacation kayaking down the Los Angeles River thru the San Fernando Valley's Sepulveda Basin flood control channel.

Woman arrested for leaving children in stroller

Don't these pigs have any real criminals like bank robbers, rapists or murders to hunt down.

According to this article this poor woman was arrested for the horrible crime of leaving her kids in a stroller while she had some fun rolling around in the grass.

If the Founders knew that government tyrants would do things like this, that would have given them another reason to give us the 2nd Amendment.

Michele Bachmann - Making up the facts as we go along

Me and you know the difference between the truth and a lie. But for politicians it's not that simple. For those motor mouth parasites they will say anything they think "should be true" if it will help them get elected.

Read this article for some interesting stuff that Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann thinks should be true.


Some Laws I would like to see passed

  Here are a few laws I would like passed to make the world a better place to live and to make government rulers accountable for their actions, and to prevent our government masters from micromanaging our lives.

This is just wishful thinking on my part, with the assumption that we are going to have government forced on us.

In reality I am a Libertarian Anarchist and I don't think any government should be allowed to rule over you, unless you give that government consent to rule over you.

And of course if you give a government consent to rule over you, you should always have the option of revoking that consent.

Some people can feel the magnetic field of the Earth?

According to this article some people and animals can detect the magnetic field of the Earth and use it to navigate. Cool!

F*ck the "Fair Use" part of Copyright law RightHaven is suing

From this article it sounds like the folks at RightHaven are using the copyright laws to sue everybody and anybody they can sue. Screw RightHaven!!!!!

Glendale gets screwed by NHL

From this article it sounds like the royal rulers of the city of Glendale, Arizona are getting screwed by the folks in the National Hockey League.

Glendale wants to give a few million dollars in corporate welfare to a hockey team, and they are having nothing but problems finding a team to help them steal the money from the taxpayers of the city of Glendale.

Hot Babes in Los Angeles!!!!

Check out these hot babes in Los Angeles!

Playboy babes are online too

According to this article all the babes in the history of Playboy Magazine are now on the web and you can check them out for a measly $8 a month or $60 a year.

Even the government says we been screwed!

According to the CBO which is an acronym for the Congressional Budget Office we been screwed by our royal government masters in the U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate.

Check out this article for the dirty details!

Use this lawsuit to sue Chandler

I should take the lawsuit mentioned in this article and make a copy of it to sue the city of Chandler over the morons that run it's library.

Sue Hugh Hallman before he leaves office

According to this article his royal Majesty Hugh Hallman will soon be leaving his office of Mayor of the Peoples Republic of Tempe. I need to file a lawsuit against him before he leaves office.

Free gun left on cop car????

Wow! The Seattle cops left a gun unattended on a parked cop car according to this article!

Seattle police leave AR-15 rifle unattended on the hood of a cop car


Ben Arredondo best city councilman money can buy

From this article it sure sounds like former Tempe City Councilman Ben Arredondo and current Arizona State Legislator Representative Ben Arredondo is one of the best politicians that money can buy in Arizona.

IJ to sue Cosmetology Board again over silly laws

In this article we find out that the Institute for Justice is going to sue the Arizona Cosmetology Board again over silly laws requiring eyebrow threaders to get licenses.

The 600 hours of classes required by the idiots at the Arizona Cosmetology Board don't even cover eyebrow threading, but the idiots at the Arizona Cosmetology Board still think eyebrow threaders should be required to get a license.

F.A.C.E.OFF - Fight Against Code Enforcement Office

According to this article the Messy yard cops in the Antelope Valley are going nuts!!!

Is Ben Arredondo a crook

According to this article it sure sounds like Ben Arredondo a crook.

Bear attacks woman in Pinetop, Arizona

According to this article a woman was walking her dog in Pinetop, when bear attacked her three times.

Some problems with corporations

I don't have any problem with people banding together and forming businesses or corporations.

But this article points out that corporations are often created for the express purpose of defrauding or screwing people, and that is wrong.

"A corporation is a legal person created by state statute that can be used as a fall guy, ... A person you control... yet cannot be held accountable for its actions"
People, and corporations should be held accountable for its actions.

Government tyrants don't deserve bodyguards

This article is about the bodyguards that are given to the royal rulers of the city of Chicago.

If you ask me any government rulers that needs a body guard is a tyrant who doesn't deserve a bodyguard to protect him from his serfs.

Some laws I would like to see on the books

Here is a list of laws I would like to see on the books.

Iraq, Afghanistan wars will cost $4 trillion

According to this article the American Empire's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will cost $4 trillion.

Chandler Mayor Jay Tibshraeny - I'm not a crook!!!!!

According to this article Chandler Mayor Jay Tibshraeny is not a crook because everybody accepts bribes free tickets to football games.

New President, same old bull sh*t!

According to this article Obama is just recycling the same old BS we have heard many times from past Presidents.

American Empire attacks Somali with drone launched missiles.

In this article the American Empire uses drone launched missles to kill Uncle Sam's enemies in Sololi!

So remember, screw international law if you are an enemy of the American Empire, Uncle Sam will hunt you down wherever you are in the world and kill you with our drones.

Remember Uncle Sam is the worlds biggest, and baddest terrorist organization. Screw al-Qaeda, they are rank amateurs compared to Uncle Sam's gang of terrorists.

A Berlin Wall in Arizona?

Uncle Sam puts up a bigger fence separating Nogales Arizona and Sonora

According to this article Uncle Sam's Homeland Security thugs are building a new fence to separate Nogales, Arizona from Nogales, Sonora.

Wed June 29, 2011 - Rain

Yesterday when I walking home it rained twice, maybe more.

When I was by the Fresh & Easy on University and Alma School it was raining pretty good, althought not enought to get you soaking wet at about 5:15.

A little later it rained a few drops as I was almost home.

It's kind of nice when it is 110°F and you get a few drops of rain. It really cools things off.

Visit Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon at his new home

You may want to visit Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon who is moving into the Chateau on Central.

According to this article Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon's new home is at:

Chateau on Central
6 W. Palm Lane
Phoenix, Arizona

Los Angeles Dodger to screw Glendale, Arizona

According to this article the LA Dodgers may screw the city of Glendale like the Phoenix Coyotes did?

On the other hand with a lease like this it sounds like the Dodgers have already screwed the city of Glendale, Arizona

"Dodgers and White Sox signed on to operate Camelback Ranch for the city until 2028. That agreement requires the teams to pay the city $1 per year in rent"
On the other hand the morons that run the city of Glendale seem to think that is a great deal:
"Glendale leaders touted the deal because cities typically operate spring-training stadiums for teams and lose money"
How can't the Glendale rulers possibly says Glendale didn't get screwed in this deal by the Dodgers?

Lindsay Lohan sleeping with Ron Paul?

Well Lindsay Lohan is almost certainly NOT sleeping with Ron Paul.

From these articles it sounds like Lindsay Lohan was paid for her tweet about the Federal Reserve by a business called the National Inflation Association.

Famous people are routinely paid to tweet about commercial products.

Dana Milbank who was on the Lawrence O’Donnell show said that Lindsay Lohan probably got paid $3,000 to make that tweet.

He also joked that Lawrence O’Donnell probably couldn't get more then $50 a tweet if he started hawking commercial products like Lindsay Lohan does. On the other hand he said some folks can get $10,000 or more for tweeting commercial products.

June 30 - Huge power failure and fire in Mesa

According to this article a fire at a Mesa substation knocked out power to 100,000 to 150,000 homes in Mesa and Apache Junction from about 11:45 a.m. to midnight?

fire and power failure in Mesa, Arizona near University & Power Roads


Some books on my reading list

  • SENDMAIL - 3rd Edition

    by Bryan Costales and Eric Allman

  • PERL/TK - Use PERL/TK to create PC applications instead of TK/TCL


    Mastering Perl/Tk
    Graphical User Interfaces in Perl

    By Stephen Lidie, Nancy Walsh

  • PERL Graphics book. I saw a book that allows PERL to create all the graphics you can create with PHP

    Perl Graphics Programming (1st edition)

    by Shawn Wallace
    O'Reilly & Associates

    Programming Web Graphics with Perl and GNU Software
    By Shawn Wallace
    O'Reilly Media

  • PDF - Acrobat Classroom in a Book
  • PDF - how to create PDF documents in PHP
  • Postscript for old times sake (Don Lancaster?)
  • Stamp and PIC chip books
  • The Human Factor: Inside the CIA's Dysfunctional Intelligence Culture
    by Ishmael Jones
The Human Factor: Inside the CIA's Dysfunctional Intelligence Culture - by Ishmael Jones


Libertarian Party Platform April 5, 2011

  This is the Libertarian Parties Platform which I copied on April 5, 2011 from this site lp.org/platform  

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