熱 天 氣 Warm Weather

July 2011


Map of Phoenix Canal System

Here is a map of the Phoenix canal system which is run by the SRP or Salt River Project.

Map of Phoenix canal system

Float down a river in Los Angeles?

According to this article you can now take a vacation kayaking down the Los Angeles River thru the San Fernando Valley's Sepulveda Basin flood control channel.

Glendale gets dumped by the NHL

It is sure interesting that the city of Glendale, Arizona is trying to give out millions of dollars of corporate welfare to a National Hockey League but they can't get any takers according to this article.

Michele Bachmann - Making up the facts as we go along

Me and you know the difference between the truth and a lie. But for politicians it's not that simple. For those motor mouth parasites they will say anything they think "should be true" if it will help them get elected.

Read this article for some interesting stuff that Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann thinks should be true.

Remember that Mercedes that flipped me off???

Remember that Mercedes that flipped me off two weeks ago on Saturday morning about 7 am. I wonder was that Barry Hess?

Also Mooky said that I was a long term plant? Was he just joking or is that a new lie being spread around by Ernie and his gang. I think the new idea is that since there isn't a sherd of evidence that I snitched on anybody that they are now saying I am a long term snitch. F*ck those liars and hypocrites


Some Laws I would like to see passed

  Here are a few laws I would like passed to make the world a better place to live and to make government rulers accountable for their actions, and to prevent our government masters from micromanaging our lives.

This is just wishful thinking on my part, with the assumption that we are going to have government forced on us.

In reality I am a Libertarian Anarchist and I don't think any government should be allowed to rule over you, unless you give that government consent to rule over you.

And of course if you give a government consent to rule over you, you should always have the option of revoking that consent.

Some hot Los Angeles Women

Check out these hot LA women in this LA Times shoot.

Float down a river in Los Angeles

Los Angeles river vacation - float down the LA River. Kayaking the Los Angeles River. According to this article you can float down through the San Fernando Valley's Sepulveda Basin flood control channel on a rafting vacation thru Los Angeles.

A Berlin Wall in Arizona?

Uncle Sam puts up a bigger fence separating Nogales Arizona and Sonora

According to this article Uncle Sam's Homeland Security thugs are building a new fence to separate Nogales, Arizona from Nogales, Sonora.

Depends on what the meaning of "sex" "war" is

Depends on what the meaning of sex is - Depends on what the meaning of war is

Los Angeles Dodger to screw Glendale, Arizona

According to this article the LA Dodgers may screw the city of Glendale like the Phoenix Coyotes did?

On the other hand with a lease like this it sounds like the Dodgers have already screwed the city of Glendale, Arizona

"Dodgers and White Sox signed on to operate Camelback Ranch for the city until 2028. That agreement requires the teams to pay the city $1 per year in rent"
On the other hand the morons that run the city of Glendale seem to think that is a great deal:
"Glendale leaders touted the deal because cities typically operate spring-training stadiums for teams and lose money"
How can't the Glendale rulers possibly says Glendale didn't get screwed in this deal by the Dodgers?

Lindsay Lohan gets paid to tweet?

From these articles it sounds like Lindsay Lohan was paid for her tweet about the Federal Reserve by a business called the National Inflation Association.

Famous people are routinely paid to tweet about commercial products.

Dana Milbank who was on the Lawrence O’Donnell show said that Lindsay Lohan probably got paid $3,000 to make that tweet.

He also joked that Lawrence O’Donnell probably couldn't get more then $50 a tweet if he started hawking commercial products like Lindsay Lohan does. On the other hand he said some folks can get $10,000 or more for tweeting commercial products.

A little warm weather is coming up!

I hate cold weather and will take a 115°F+ day, any day of the year over a freezing cold 60°F degree. So if you ask me it's great weather we are having.

To honest only in the last week has it been warm enough for me to go swimming without freezing to death.


Phoenix weather: A sizzling forecast for Saturday

by Brittany Smith
Jun. 30, 2011 09:45 AM

The Arizona Republic

Today's high is anticipated to be a mere 108 degrees.

Forecasts call for 113 degrees on Friday, followed by 117 on Saturday. Phoenix hasn't recorded that high a mark since the 118 degrees registered in July 2006.

The overnight low - the coolest it'll get, that is - on Saturday will be 91, says Ken Waters of the National Weather Service.

The heat should break, somewhat, for Sunday and the Fourth of July Monday, when the highs are expected to hit 111.

June 30 - Huge power failure and fire in Mesa

According to this article a fire at a Mesa substation knocked out power to 100,000 to 150,000 homes in Mesa and Apache Junction from about 11:45 a.m. to midnight?

fire and power failure in Mesa, Arizona near University & Power Roads

One third of all Americans get Medicare or Medicaid

According to this article a little over 100 million Americans get Medicare or Medicaid. Who says American ain't a socialist welfare state. And on top of that we are also the worlds largest police state, but that's another story!

The DA is not a crooked scum bag

OK, the DA is a crooked scum bag. We all know that. The only question I have about this article is why didn't the judge drop ALL the charges and toss the DA into jail for crimes he committed against the defendants? The so called "Irvine 11" were screwed over by the government and should have ALL the charges dropped.

Bottom line the court system is corrupt to the core and can't be trusted to give anybody a fair trial.

The Drone War on Somolia

Lets face it the American Empire loves wars!!!! The "War on Arabs", the "War on Islam", the "War on Drugs", the "War on Mexicans", the "War on Iraq", the "War on Afghanistan", the "War on Libya" and and now the "War on Somalia".

ASU Surplus Property Store

Today I went to the ASU Surplus Property Store on 8th Street/Rio Salado near the Pima Freeway. The exact address is:
ASU Surplus Property
2325 E Rio Salado Parkway
Tempe, AZ

(480)965-8519 Fax

Hours: Monday to Saturday - Noon to 4:00 p.m.

The only real good deals were on things like mouses and keyboards which they were selling for $1 each.

They had laptop computers for about $140. That might be an OK deal but it isn't a great deal.

They also had used standalone computers with windows for about $220. I think that included everything, computer, monitor and keyboard. Again not a great deal. The guy at Red 7 said he would give me a used computer for $100.

They also had computers without an opperating system for about $40. Again not a great deal, but if you need one without searching around it's an OK deal.

I should go back and get a used mouse and keyboard for my junky laptop.

New Arizona Fireworks Laws

Fireworks used to be pretty much 100 percent totally illegal in Arizona. Was that redundant or not.

But last year they passed a law which allows vendors to sell wimpy fireworks anywhere in Arizona. And the law says that even if fireworks are illegal in a city, that city can't ban the sales of fireworks, even thought the city can ban the use of the fireworks. For more on this check out these articles.

Rich thinks I'm a government snitch because of David Dorn's lies?

July 2, a party at Rich's house near Shea & 40th Street and Rich told Pat I wasn't allowed to come? Is that because Rich believes Ernie's lie that I am a government snitch?

I think that was the party Pat was going to. On the other hand it could have been one of his UVA gigs and he didn't want me to come because I am a slob. Of course that is OK with me because I am a slob!!!

I really don't care if Rich hates me, that's up to him.

What p*sses me off is that he is believing the lies David Dorn is spreading around about me.

This is also related to where I suspect that Barry Hess flipped me off a while back as I was waiting for the bus in the early morning.

The next day following this there was another incident of David Dorn's lies that surfaced at the AI meeting

Illegal Police Search?

Many times when the police think a person is guilty of a crime, but they don't have the required "probable cause" to get a search warrant they will get someone else to "illegally" search the person for them. Hoping the courts will say the search was "legal" since it was done by someone other then the police.

That's what happened in this article where the Illinois cops solved a 50 year old murder case by getting the guys girl friend to search his home for them.

I suspect the Founders would be shocked if they discovered the cops were using this tactic to flush the Fourth Amendment down the toilet!

This case is similar to an arson case in Phoenix where Mark Warren Sands was burning down homes build near parks in the Phoenix Mountain Preserves.

The Phoenix police got Warren Jerrems to secretly question and tape record a confession from Mark Warren Sands on a trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Yes Mark Warren Sands is a scum bag arsonist, but that certainly doesn't make it right for the Phoenix Police to be scum bag criminals who violate his Constitutional rights.

Sheriff Joe's Tent city jail hits 145°F (63°C)

According to this article it hit 145°F (63°C) in Sheriff Joe's Tent City Gulag. If Sheriff Joe's thugs are going to make people live outside they should at least treat them humanely.

<div> Test

This isn't real news about government abuse or even useless information. I am just using this web page to test some DIV stuff.

More on Photo Radar Revenue

According to this article the people that make photo radar traffic cameras are seeing big growth despite the government claim that it is toning down photo radar bandits.

David Dorn causes me to crash my bicycle

Amnesty International Meeting

It's been longer then 10 years since I attended my last Amnesty International meeting. Probably closer to 15 years.

The last time I attended a meeting was when they met at that Gold Bar Coffee shop in Tempe near Southern and McClintock. Back then I had that Datsun 210B which I used to drive.

And of course that was before I found out that David Dorn was spreading lies about me calling me a government snitch. Ain't it great when you live in ignorant bliss!

At the meeting we just signed letters that were being sent to third world tyrants that abuse people right. I think the guy passed out 5 letters for us to sign. We also addressed an envelope for each letter to be sent. I used my PO Box for the return address.

The guy who was running thing said he would put the postage on the letters and mail them off for us.

There were about 15 people in the meeting. The gun running things said that there would be a lot more people attending the meetings when summer is over.

Lots of atheists at the AI meeting

The lady sitting next to me made some comment about the church she attends. I wrote her off as a Christian nut job for that comment.

Despite that it turns out that she is an atheist. She didn't mention that the church she attends is the UU Church or Universal Unitarian Church, which is a church for us atheist.

Her and her husband were real interested when I mentioned HSGP and said they would probably check it out next week.

The only atheist events they attend are the UU church so I think they are very happy to have discovered another atheist group.

I started talking to an Indian guy because he mentioned he was involved with the people of Sri Lanka. I asked him if he knew what a masala dosa was, since he was from southern India.

It turns out he was from the state of Tamil Nadu. He said that in Sri Lanka only about a third of the people are Tamil people and that they are a minority which is suppressed and oppressed by the ruling majority.

It turns out he is also an atheist. I only know one other atheist from India and that was in LA.

Hell it turned out that everybody at that table was an atheist too.

And those folks weren't your run of the mill atheists who simply don't believe in God. Everybody was fairly knowledgeable about the mythology of the Bible. The Indian guy was even knowledgeable about out the Hindu and Buddhist mythology.

More of David Dorn's lies!

Well that was the fun part of the meeting.

The meeting ended up me discovering more of the hateful lies that David Dorn has been spreading about about me being a government snitch.

A heavy set, blond woman who looked a lot like Linda Chapman approached me and told me she knew me from the NORML meeting where Judge Buttrick spoke. She said that she went to lunch with Judge Buttrick sometime after that meeting.

This was the same woman who made a comment about how AI should go after Sheriff Joe's goons. She was ticked about the article in todays newspaper which said it was 145°F in Tent City.

She even mentioned my name despite the fact that I didn't talk to anybody at that NORML meeting.

At that NORML meeting I pretty much hung out by my self and didn't talk to anybody.

I suspect at that NORML meeting Ernie's group of hate mongers told her that I was a government snitch.

Well the next AI Meeting I am going to have to tell give that woman the full story and tell her how my life has been destroyed by David Dorn's lies calling me a government snitch.

The Bike Crash

OK, David Dorn didn't physically push me off of my bike and cause me to crash it. But those lies David Dorn is spreading around calling me a government snitch did cause me to crash my bicycle.

I was pretty angry about another incident of David Dorn spreading lies about me being a government snitch and I was in deep thought thinking about it, and as a result I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and crashed into a dumpster.

It was on 10th Street just before the railroad tracks. I didn't break any bones or do any major damage to myself. Like I did in my last bike crash.

But I did get a number of cuts on my left leg and left arm which I fell on as I was crashing.

I also had a possible David Dorn incident yesterday. More more on that check out this section of this webpage.

Hacker tweets fake Obama assassination announcement

According to this article Fox was hacked and released a fake tweet that Emperor Obama or I guess President Obama was assassinated.

Mariposa botnet? - Butterfly Bot Kit?

Here is an article about the worlds largest criminal botnet. With 20/20 hindsight, it was pretty boring, but at the time I grabbed the article I thought it was interesting.

Glendale government rulers don't obey the law

In this article a Federal judge ruled that an attempt by the city of Glendale rulers to run the Indians out of their city is illegal.

In this case the City of Glendale, Arizona is attempting to prevent the Indians from build a casino in the city of Glendale, Arizona because it will cut into their tax revenue.

More on the bumbling idiots at the TSA

Sure we all like to make jokes about the idiots in the TSA and Homeland Security. But watch out. These guys are government thugs and will kill you if you p*ss them off.

While the TSA idiots are great at strip searching 5 year old terrorists, and forcing 80 year old cancer patient terrorists to remove their poop diapers, in this article the fools at the TSA didn't prevent Olajide Oluwaseun Noibi from flying around the world on expired airline tickets in other people names.

Photo Radar Bandits are Big Business

Despite the governments claim that photo radar traffic tickets lose money, photo radar is big business according to this article.

Using corporations to screw people is wrong

From a Libertarian point of view I don't have any problem with people banding together to create businesses. But from a Libertarian point of view it is also wrong to create corporations for the sole purpose to help you cheat people out of money as this article points out.

Would corporations be allowed in a Libertarians world?

Usually questions like that are cut and dried answers and you can instantly come up with an answer.

But in this case I will have to think about it.

I don't have any problem with people banding together to create business ventures, which would limit their liability to the amount of money invested.

But I do have a problem with people creating corporations, which will prevent them from being accountable for their actions, if they cheat people out of money.

Ben Arredondo the best government ruler money can buy!!!

I have always thought Ben Arredondo of a sneaky back stabbing politician who strives to get EVERYBODY to vote for him.

It seems like that even if Ben Arredondo disagrees with you he will pretend to agree with some of your arguments before voting against you.

This article talks about the $13,678 in free gifts that Ben Arredondo has received from the Fiesta Bowl.

After getting his hand caught in the cookie job violating public record disclosure laws Ben Arredondo refuses to make any comments about his crimes.

Something that you would expect from a sneaky, double talking politician like Ben Arredondo.

A lawyer surplus

According to this article almost every state in the Union has too many lawyers. Well except for the nations capital of Washington D.C.

There is a shortage of lawyers in Washington D.C., probably because our royal government masters in the U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate need more lawyers to help them screw us!

States that screw old people!

This article lists the states that tax the krap out of old farts and in general states that screw over senor citizens.

I think John Dillinger said that he robs banks because that's where the money is at. I suspect that is why many states tax the krap out of old farts, because "that's where the money is at".

Congressional Budget Office says we been screwed

It's nice when our government masters are honest with us. Even if it is when they admit that they are screwing us as the Congressional Budget Office admits in this article where the CBO says government pork is swamping U.S. economy.

LA Woman!!!

Wow! Check out these hot babes in the Los Angeles Times.

Old Playboy Photos

I was thinking about creating a web site where I scanned photos from old Playboy magazines in which the copyrights had expired and then charging people to view the site.

Since the copyrights would be expired there would be nothing the folks at Playboy could do to shut my site down.

But it looks like the folks at Playboy have legally shut my idea down.

In this article the folks at Playboy have put all their old photos on the web and anybody can view them for $8 a month.

Of course why would people want to come to my site to see these photos if they can get the real thing from Playboy?

Names of southside canals!

I finally got a handle on the names of the canals which are south of the Salt River.

The first canal is duh, the South Canal, and it comes off the Salt River and Verde River far north of where I am at.

Between Mesa Drive and Horne the South Canal dead ends and splits into two canals, the Tempe Canal and the Consolidated Canal.

The Tempe Canal flows west to Tempe, it dead ends near Mesa Community College, although I think it goes underground and surfaces on the other side of the Superstition Freeway.

The Consolidated Canal goes east, and then finally south to Gilbert and Chandler.

The Western Canal splits out of the Consolidated Canal between Guadalupe and Elliot and heads back to Tempe. It goes down to Tempe Kiwanas Park, by Arizona Mills Mall, then near the town of Guadalupe and then over near South Mountain.

Joe Biden using tax dollars to get reelected

According to this article Vice President Joe Biden is now sending out tweets created and paid for with your tax dollars to help him and Obama get reelected in 2012.

Royal Health Benefits for part time government employees?

In this article many part time government rulers on city councils pay themselves royal health benefits. The article says that the health insurance these government rulers pay themselves often triples their pay.

Phoenix Councilwoman Peggy Neely spent $42,455 on FOOD

In this article we find out that Phoenix City Councilman Peggy Neely spend $42,455 on FOOD. It sounds like Phoenix City Councilman Peggy Neely buys people free meals to get their votes.

July 4 Police State Celebration in Tempe

Oxymoron - Freedom Celebration in Tempe! Hiel Hitler!

Slave owners love to tell their slaves and serfs that they are really free. In this article the royal rulers of the People's Republic of Tempe tell their serfs that they are free and let them celebrate their alleged freedom at the Tempe Fireworks Festival.

Well they are free as long as they don't think they have any Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms, and certainly not at this celebration.

Of course the tyrants that run Tempe have also flushed their 4th Amendment right against illegal searches down the toilet too.

You WILL BE searched before the royal rulers of Tempe allow you to enter this freedom celebration.

If you love government tyrants, please move to Tempe, Arizona! You will be welcomed if you leave your Bill of Rights freedoms behind in the Police State of Tempe Arizona.

No recession for Obama's 454 White House aides

That is an average of $81,765 each

According to this article there is nott a recession for Obama's 454 White House aides. They'll make $37,121,463 this year - That is an average of $81,765 each. Twenty-one of them make $172,200.

They call themselves "public servants", we call them "royal government rulers".

Why Your Company's IT Department Is Dead

This article reminds me of the old mainframe computer days when the IT department of a company did try to control every detail of computers users lives in the company.

Thank God those days are gone.

While I was part of the IT department in a number of companies I certainly didn't try to control what my users did.

I was there to help them learn how to do things better using computer technology.

On the other hand many idiots in the IT department had this stupid idea that we were smarter and brighter then everybody in the company and therefore we should tell them what to do.

I don't agree with that.

Huge Dust Storm Hits Phoenix

A cool dust storm rolled thru Phoenix last night. It wasn't like the huge ones I remember when I was a kid, but it was still a cool dust storm.

The temperature dropped and it got real cool in addition to being dusty.

And when I left this morning everything was covered with DUST. Everything.

Phoenix's bid rules for contracts called ripe for abuse

According to this article the system that Phoenix uses to bid out contracts is a system that is just waiting for somebody to abuse it.

Of course my solution is east, get rid of government.

The never ending Iraq War

George W. Bush's never ending Iraq War has now become Obama's never ending Iraq war according to this article. According to the article you can probably expect the 46,000 troops to say in Iraq until 2012, and probably longer if you ask me.

In this article they say American troops will only stay in Iraq, if the Iraqi puppet government wants them to stay.

I wonder, is that a big lie, and that in reality Obama wants the troops to stay in Iraq and that he will use the lame excuse that his Iraqi puppet government is demanding that the troops stay?

Cops lied about fireworks problem

When they debated legalizing fireworks the cops and fire departments told us it would be the end of civilization as we know it if they legalized fireworks. Well as usual the cops were making mountains out of molehills and that was not a problem according to this article

Specs change for processing used fuel from nukes

According to this article originally they were supposed to reuse nuclear fuel but that changed for political reasons when a Presidential ban was it illegal to reuse the fuel because of the alleged threat of terrorists getting the plutonium.

If you ask me that is just a problem on the side. The real problem with nuclear power plants is that Congress passed a law limiting the liability of the operators of nuclear plants to I think $50 million.

Of course if the people that operate nuclear power plants were forced to be liable for ALL damages that occur if a nuclear power plant malfunctions, many of them would not be in the business because the liability is so huge.

Court says statutory rape laws are valid

In this article an appeals court ruled that the statutory rape laws are valid even if a person thinks they are having sex with a person over 18.

Credit cards slowly replacing cash

This article is about how credit cards slowly replacing cash. It also says that American currency is printed by Treasury, but issued by Federal Reserve.

Anarchy? Anarchism? Anarchists?

Just what is an anarchist or anarchy? Here I have defined my definition of anarchy, anarchism and anarchists.

High tech Space Shuttle Technology?

We were told the lie that the Space Shuttle would make space exploration cheap and cost a measly $1 per pout for stuff launched into space.

That was a big lie! The U.S. Space Shuttle is nothing more then a billion dollar bucket of bolts that is patched together with high tech duct tape.

The U.S. Space Shuttle is a piece of low tech junk - nothing more

Spam for an Indian Escort Service

I got this email which tells me where I can find a hooker in India.

Why I would want to travel 12,000 miles from Phoenix to India to use one of their hookers is beyond me, but I thought it was an interesting piece of spam.

Arizona DPS cops can't park worth sh*t

You probably have never seen a cop car parked correctly in your life.

Hell, most of us see cop cars parks so badly that it would be hard to dream of a civilian parking the car illegally.

But of course cops are above the law and constantly abuse the system, because they have guns and badges and can get away with the crimes they commit.

On this web page I have some photos of some Arizona Department of Public Safety motorcycle cops illegally parked at the San Tan Justice Court Complex which is at:

201 E. Chicago Street
Chandler, Arizona
This is just east of Arizona Avenue and a couple blocks south of Chandler Blvd in Chandler Arizona.

In these photos the lazy motorcycle pigs with the Arizona DPS parked on the sidewalk.

Not only did these pigs park on the sidewalk, but they parked their motorcycles to hide their license plates to keep people like me from coming along an photographing the illegally parked cop cars, or in this case police motorcycles.

Bill of Rights null and void at Justice Courts?

I suspect that the royal rulers of Maricopa County have passed some sort of law making the Bill or Rights null and void.

When I went to the Justice Courts or Small Claims courts before I was allowed to enter they required that I be searched.

Of course I consider that a violation of my 4th Amendment right which says:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
The jackbooted renta cops hired by Maricopa County didn't have a search warrant or anything else.

They just said that if I wanted to enter the building I would submit to their illegal search.

I guess the 2nd Amendment which gives us the right to keep and bear arms is also null and void in Maricopa County.

The Second Amendment says:

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
The piggies took a small knife that I had, which I assumed to violate my 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

I guess the 1st Amendment which gives us the right of freedom of speech is also null and void in Maricopa County.

The First Amendment says:

Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; ...
The jackbooted Maricopa County renta cops also stole my camera before allowing me to enter the court building.

From my experience with police officers I assume most cops are a little bit more dishonest then the criminals they arrest. With that in mind when the courthouse pigs took my camera and knife I demanded an itemized receipt of what they took so that the camera and knife would be stolen by these crooked cops who pretend to protect me.

The piggies refused.

All they gave me was a red ticket with a number on it!

How useful are the small claims courts? Pretty useless!

I sorry I don't have this article with me but a number of years ago a judge at one of the Maricopa County Small Claims courts bragged that 25 percent of the people that win cases in the small claims court actually collect the money they won.

The judge probably didn't realize how stupid his statement was.

If only 25 percent of the people who win their cases in small claims court collect the money they won, that means that the small claims court system is a dismal failure because:

Seventy five percent, or three fourths of the people who win cases in the small claims courts don't get the money they won in the court case.

Sheriff John Zaruba shakes down his cops for money?

In this article Illinois Sheriff John Zaruba gets over a fourth of his reelection and political campaign money from cops that work for him.

Is Sheriff John Zaruba a crook who is shaking down his fellow cops for money in exchange for promotions and light punishment whey they get caught committing crimes?

Guilty until proven innocent? Probably!!!

In this article article it sounds like the cops assume any pills you have are illegal drugs unless you can prove they are not illegal. I guess that means you are now guilty till proven innocent.

Cato Institute on ‘underwhelming’ spending cuts


Cato Institute on ‘underwhelming’ spending cuts

By Sean W. Malone

Published: 9:39 PM 07/06/2011

As lawmakers work to cut $2 trillion in federal spending, a new video from the Cato Institute puts that number in perspective.

The cuts are not really not cuts at all, rather slight reductions in proposed spending increases, the video says.

Check out the video:

How much Federal government pork costs your household

I snipped a few of the articles together from the previous Cato Institute stuff and came up with how much the Federal government costs your household.

Check the data out here

Brown Widow Spiders?

In Arizona we are probably the world capital of Black Widow spiders, but I have never heard of a Brown Widow spider until I read this article

The article says they are becoming fairly common in Los Angeles, but that they are not quite as poisonous as their Black Widow relatives.

Will we be cheated out of our Social Security money?

When Uncle Sam invented Social Security, they used the convoluted logic that most Americans were too stupid to save for their retirement.

Because of that Uncle Sam would force us at gun point to open a bank account in the "Social Security" system.

A wiser and smarter Uncle Sam would take a little money out of each pay check and then give it to us, with interest when we retired.

Of course Uncle Sam is a crook and he never deposited a penny of the money he took from our pay checks under the name of Social Security into that Social Security bank account.

Now it looks like Uncle Sam is finally going to admit he robbed us and that we won't get much of our Social Security bank account back according to this article.

Baking soda prevents cancer?

I saw an interesting article in La Prensa during the July 7, 2011 week about how baking soda prevents cancer. It was titled:
Bicarbonato: Un arma contra el cáncer
La Prensa has its web page in PDF files so I could not grab a copy of the article from there.

I searched news.google.com in both English and Spanish for other article on cancer and baking soda but couldn't find any.

On the other hand www.google.com did turn up some stuff. But it was mostly alternative health views, which are sometimes right, even if they are also frequently wrong.

Last Space Shuttle Blasts Off

Yes I know, the Space Program is 100 percent unconstitutional, and the Space Program is a gazillion dollar unconstitutional waste of tax dollars, and I think all the government bureaucrats at NASA should be fired, but still I will include this article about the last Space Shuttle being launched on my web page.

Las Vegas cops use wrong DNA to frame man

According to this article a DNA error by the Las Vegas police cause a man to spend 4 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit.

While the article seems to blame high tech stuff for the man being falsely put in prison for 4 years I disagree.

It was a simple clerical error that caused the guy to be framed by the cops. The same simple clerical errors that have caused many other people to unjustly go to prison.

Framed by Mexican police and military?

According to this article Shohn Huckabee and Carlos Quijas of El Paso, Texas were framed by the Mexican military which planted marijuana in their truck.

The article also says the Mexican Army did the same thing to Ana Martinez, an elementary school teacher in El Paso, who had 105 pounds of marijuana planted in her vehicle.

We never kill civilians and always get our man

OK, we only kill a few civilians and only get our man 80 percent of the time which means we are almost perfect. Swear to God, that ain't propaganda.

If you are dumb enough to believe that you should read this article about the American Empires night raids in their invasion of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya or what ever country we are currently invading and trashing.

Prison strike protests inhumane, unconstitutional prison conditions

In these articles California prison inmates are having a hunger strike to protest the inhumane, unconstitutional prison conditions they are forced to live in.

Texas to prevent Federal incandescent light bulb tyranny

The government tyrants in the U.S. Senate and Congress have passed a law which will soon make incandescent light bulbs illegal. In this article Texas disagrees with that law and has passed a state law allowing the manufacture of incandescent light bulbs in Texas to thumb their nose at the tyrants in the Federal government. This isn't the first time that the U.S. Government says that the interstate commerce clause of the Constitution gives the Feds infinite power.

Sheriff Joe introduces "Vamos Jose" underware

According to this article Sheriff Joe is going to start selling "Vamos Jose" underwear. In the circle I am in "Ch*ng* Joe" underwear would be a much better seller. Perhaps will a bulls eye on it to help you aim your rifle.

Some propaganda on electronic warfare

In this article they talk about the electronic warfare being used by EA-18 Growler jets to bomb our friends in Libya into the stone age. The article says it's much cheaper to use all this high tech electronic stuff to kill our friends with.

Well hell you military dopes, it would be much cheaper not to invade these harmless third world countries.

The article is written by the LA times, where some of the stuff for the EA-18 Growler jets is made over by LAX.

Super Gonorrhea?

According to this article there is a new super version of gonorrhea that antibiotics can't kill.

TSA thugs patrol Valley Metro Light Rail

Apparently because of the All Star Games in Phoenix TSA and Homeland Security thugs are now patrolling Valley Metro's Light Rail System. Here are some photos of the TSA and Homeland Security thugs.

Like most cops, these criminals from Homeland Security seem to have the attitude of I got a gun and badge and I can do anything I feel like.

In the photos a TSA thug is photographed breaking the law against eating or drinking on the Valley Metro trains.

Yes, those silly laws only apply to the serfs that ride on the light rail, not the police thugs that patrol the light rail.


Obama the tax and spend President - Damn right

  Please don't get me wrong I am not picking on Obama. He is just the current tax and spend President from a long history of Tax and Spend Presidents.  
Obama the tax and spend President, just like Bush - Obviously the problem is not enought taxes!

Biased Arizona Republic photo on guns

  If you ask me this photo which was printed on the front page of the July 11, Arizona Republic is bias against gun owners and users.

The guy looks like the idiot and slob the Arizona Republic seems to want to portray gun owners as.

First the guy is fat, nothing against fat people, but sadly society seems to portray fat people as inferior to skinny people.

Second the guy is wearing a badge, which seems to imply all gun owners think they are cops. Hell, I am a gun owner and I hate cops.

Third the guy has an American flag tucked into this belt which implys all gun owners are patriotic nut jobs. Hell, I am a gun owner and I hate the American government which has pretty much turned America into a police state by flushing the Constitution down the toilet.

Forth the guy has a cigar, which implies the guy is a foul smelling smoker.

I am sure most cigar smokers are foul smelling people, but that doesn't mean if they own a gun they are bad.

Fifth the guy has a half full belt of shot gun shells. Does that imply the guy is a half brained idiot?

I guess the belt of shotgun shells does make the guy look like an idiot because he has two pistols, which certainly don't shoot the shotgun shells he is carrying on the belt.

Six the guy is wearing sunglasses, which makes him look like one of those dopey people that wear sunglasses to look cool.

Here are some of the articles the Arizona Republic printed for this series.

A biased anti-gun photo from the Arizona Republic

American a socialist welfare state?

Who says America isn't a socialist welfare state? According to this article "Close to $2 of every $10 that went into Americans’ wallets last year were payments like jobless benefits, food stamps, Social Security and disability"

Social Security says you are dead?

According to this article the U.S. Government Social Security office every month or year incorrectly lists 1,000's of Americans as dead.

Cops are paid very well!!!!

In this article 214 retired cops and firefighters in Rhode Island will get $80 million for their pensions. That ain't bad for a job which you can work 20 years and retire. I suspect Rhode Island is probably like Arizona where they can retire and get 80 percent of their highest pay.

Twitter has some uses

OK, I am not a twitter fan, but I guess twitter does have some uses

Twitter does have some uses even if it is just keeping your boss under control
You fascinate me.

Twitter does have some uses even if it is just keeping your boss under control
I think I speak for all of your followers on
twitter when I say we want more, more, more.

Twitter does have some uses even if it is just keeping your boss under control
You don't use twitter.

I just used it to keep my boss busy.


Politicians are all crooks?

Well most of them are crooks, with perhaps the exception of Ron Paul
It seems the only reason a politician throws his hat in the ring is so that the special interests can throw their wallets into the hat.

Just what is a "jackbooted" government thug?

For many years I have called cops, and other government enforcers "jackbooted thugs" but I have never really know just what a jackboot is until now.

Apparently there are at least two types of military jack boots which are defined in this url.

German Jackboots - as in jack booted government thug
German Jackboots

Calvery Jackboots - as in jack booted government thug
Calvary Jackboots

Walter the Bus

When I first saw this oversized VW bus I thought I was on drugs.

Well lets not talk about the drugs, but the bus is real. Walter, the bus, is made out of a surplus military fire truck.

Walter the Bus - Walter the oversized VW microbus!!!!!

A visit with Phil from Greyhound

I talked to Phil from Greyhound a couple of days ago. Apparently he has done real well and is making millions of bucks. He is the person who told me about "Walter the Bus".

He started some type of business where they help business collect money from the government for the medical bills of their patients.

He seems surprised that I remembered most of the stuff I did for him at Greyhound.

On the other hand I was surprised because he seemed to have forgotten most of the stuff.

But I really shouldn't be surprised, nor should he be.

I don't have a social life. My work life is my social life and I usually remember a good deal of what happens.

He seemed to think I was asking him for a job. Not me. I don't ask people I know for favors. Never have and never will.

I just wanted to tell him how I have been screwed over by the government.

Those b*st*rds stole everything I owned from me. My homes, my money and all the property in them. For me the USA and the State of Arizona isn't one bit different then Nazi Germany, Red China or the Soviet Union.

He seem to think I accused him of making a mistake buying the MSA inventory control package.

Wrong. The only reason he bought the MSA package is because the idiots in the Greyhound computer department were not doing their jobs.

If the folks in the Greyhound computer department were doing their jobs Phil would have been happier then a pig in a mud puddle and he would have never even thought about buying the MSA package.

I proved that by getting the BPICs package running to a level that made Phil happy.

He also said something to the effect that Greyhound told me to stop doing work on some stuff.

I didn't remember that at all.

Of course if it did happen, Phil would have been the first person I would have told.

I would have said

"Hey Phil, those idiots in my department told me I am not allowed to work on your stuff any more"
If they did tell that to Phil I but Jan did it in an attempt to demonize me, when she erased all the software I wrote for Phil.

Over all working with Phil at Greyhound was pretty fun even if we did have to put up with the idiots in my MIS department.

Does the government own your children

In this article the government seems to think that it owns your children. The article says that the government should take fat children away from their parents and make them lose weight.

You can eat mesquite bean

Make mesquite bean flour

According to this article you can turn those mesquite beans which are everywhere into and edible flour and eat it.

California prisons pay big bucks for substandard medical care

In this article California prisons appear to be paying doctors big bucks for questionable medical care. Some of the doctors are even being paid to sit around and do nothing because their bosses are afraid if they are allowed to practice medicine they will harm the prisoners instead of help them.

South California the 51st state?

According to this article all of the southern counties and most of the eastern counties in California are considering splitting away from California and starting the 51st state which will be called South California.

The new state of South California?


Free Spanish Newspapers and Magazines

This site contains a list of all the free Spanish newspapers and magazines that you can get in the Phoenix area.

Narcs on Arizona Avenue?

As I was walking down Arizona Avenue this morning some guy asked me if I knew where he could get some illegal drugs. What ever drug he asked for I never had heard of before. I asked him what it was and it said it was an illegal drug. I asked him what type of illegal drug it was and he said meth.

I wonder if he was a narc?

And while we are on the subject I bet that creep David Dorn will accuse me of snitching on the guy. F* U David Dorn. Don't you have somebody elses life to destroy?

Loose dogs on Arizona Avenue?

Wednesday, July 14, shortly after the guy asked me where he could score some dope on Arizona Avenue I saw two loose dogs walking around on Arizona Avenue. They were walking near Chicago Street and then headed toward Frye Road.

I hate dogs and was terrified.

No more beer in Minnesota?

According to this article all the bars and stores in Minnesota may run out of beer because of the government shutdown. Now that is real scary!

US turning Iraq and Afghanistan into police states

According to this article the American government is turning Iraq and Afghanistan into police states where a huge percent of the population is forced to under go eye scans, fingerprinting and face scans so they can be identified by the police and government.

Carmageddon - San Diego Freeway closes for 53 hours

According to this article the San Diego Freeway (I-405) in Los Angeles is going to close for 53 hours. As a former resident of the Los Angeles area I know that will really screw things up.

On top of that the San Diego freeway from LAX to the San Fernando Valley is probably the worst freeway in the Los Angeles area when it comes to being busy.

I used to avoid it by taking Sepulvada when I had to go to the San Fernando Valley every other month when I attended an ICCA meeting.

It is pretty interesting that this so called "Carmageddon" is being talked about worldwide.

I saw an animated cartoon made by some folks in Taiwan about the monster traffic jam on the San Diego Freeway.

It was in Chinese with English and Chinese subtitles.

I saw a 2nd video on "Carmageddon" with the star being Hitler.

It was in German with English subtitles.

Hitler's cousin was coming to town and Hitler was angry because he couldn't take his cousin on the San Diego Freeway down to Disneyland with out being in a monster traffic jam.

Hitler made some lame statements about refusing to take the light rail because it would be jam packed with low life who would be clipping their toenails on the train.


I was watching them harvest the alfalfa at a farm over on Pecos and Arizona Avenue.

I talked to a guy in a truck who sounded like he was a manager for the company that runs the farm. He said his company ran a number of these farms around Arizona.

In this case he told me the crop they were harvesting was alfalfa which will be fed to cows and other animals.

All the alfalfa had been cut and baled and was sitting on the ground when I got there. Well at least it looked that way.

One guy was driving a large tractor which scooped up each bale of alfalfa and stacked it in the back of the tractor.

When the tractor was full he would drive it to where the previous stacked bales of alfalfa were placed and dump the new bales there.

While I am sure the machine saves tons of labor costs every once in a while the guys machine would jam and he would get out of the cab, unjam the bale of alfalfa, get back in the cab and then continue driving his tractor to pick up the remaining bales.

I noticed there were several other tractors working the field and I wasn't sure what they were going. They looked like they were just driving around not doing anything.

When I looked at the tools attached to those tractors I realized I was wrong on that.

The machine attached to the tractors was scooping up the cut alfalfa off the ground and then bundling it into bales and tying the bale with string and then dumping the bale on the ground.

It looked pretty cool.

When I saw the field I assumed a combine would come along and cut the alfalfa down and bale it in one step.

That could have been what was done. And these tractors I was watching were just scooping up the stuff that fell off the combine and didn't get processed.

I talked to the guy about taxes and stuff like that.

He told me that if the land this farm was on was taxed at normal residential rates they would be paying $100,000 a year in property taxes to the state of Arizona.

But since it was taxed as farm land he said the taxes were only $2,500 a year.

I am not sure how big the field was. It looks like it is about a forth of a mile on each side. It goes from Pecos to the San Tan Freeway (202), and from Arizona Avenue west to an apartment complex on Hartford. That is about one sixteenth of a square mile.

In that case it means the state of Arizona taxes residential land at about $1.5 million a square mile, and taxes farm land at about $40 thousand a square mile. Sadly that reenforces the Libertarian mantra that you don't own your land, but rent it from the government.

For useless information I asked the guy what the difference between hay and alfalfa was. I always thought that hay was stuff that animals don't eat but instead sleep on.

He told me that they do feed hay to animals hay, but that it is just roughage, and that it doesn't have any nutritional value.

A coyote at Dan's house?

Dan said he was up at one in the morning last night and a coyote snuck up on him at his house.

I don't think the coyote was hunting down Dan, but rather accidentally snuck up on Dan. It's may experience that coyotes tend to be afraid of humans.

I suspect the coyote was in the neighborhood looking for some cats or small dogs to make a meal out of. Coyotes love cats, cats for breakfast is a great food.

Clean Cut Girls of Utah flagged as porn?

Wow! The Chandler Library has flagged this site as a porn site.
There ain't nothing at that web site but a bunch of fully clothed, but still hot looking woman.

I probably should sue the city of Chandler over this for violating my First Amendment Constitutional rights.

I was also surprised that the site was censored by the government nannies. The site no longer exists.

The National Debt Limit

Plus some thoughts on Sarah Palin statements

This article is about Sarah Palin, but it does a good job explaining the game of smoke and mirrors Congress plays when talking about the National Debt, which is really a politically correct term for running the printing presses at full speed to print money.

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Please tell me it's not true!!!! According to this article Jesus didn't create the universe! Instead the article says the universe was created by some God made out of spaghetti and meatballs?

The central belief is that an invisible and undetectable Flying Spaghetti Monster created the universe "after drinking heavily". According to these beliefs, the Monster's intoxication was the cause for a flawed Earth. Furthermore, according to Pastafarianism, all evidence for evolution was planted by the Flying Spaghetti Monster in an effort to test Pastafarians' faith—parodying certain biblical literalists. When scientific measurements such as radiocarbon dating are taken, the Flying Spaghetti Monster "is there changing the results with His Noodly Appendage". The Pastafarian belief of Heaven contains a beer volcano and a stripper factory. The Pastafarian Hell is similar, except that the beer is stale and the strippers have sexually transmitted diseases.

Look, I don't believe in the Jesus dude, nor do i believe in the Flying MeatBall Dude!

Goathead Thorns

I live in Arizona and I can walk around barefoot in our hot summers. The only two things I can't walk on are broken glass and those evil goat head thorns.

They are painful as hell. I hate goathead thorns.

National Debut Concepts

According to this article the U.S. government took in about $7,000 in revenue for every man, woman and child in America last year, but tt spent more than $11,000. The gap between those numbers, about $4,000, is the deficit. The national debt works out to about $46,000 per American. Which is about $92,000 for every adult, or $184,000 for that mythical family of 4. If you include other programs which the Feds will have to spend money on in the future, like Social Security and Medicare this figure increases by a factor of about 4 to $184,000 for every person in the USA and $368,000 for every adult and $736,000 for that mythical family of 4.

Incorrect police databases

If you have been falsely arrested and the court drops the charges, or you go to trial and the jury finds you innocent don't count on the police to update their databases and clear your name.

According to this article their is a good chance it won't happen.

Of course when the police have the attitude that it is impossible for them to make mistakes and that anybody and everybody they arrest is guilty this probably is intentional on their part to demonize everybody they arrest.

Herman Cain Hates Muslims

Herman Cain says F* the 1st for Muslims

I saw Herman Cain in a Republican Presidential debate. While he ain't a Ron Paul he seems a notch or two better then the rest of the candidates.

But this article seems to say that Herman Cain is not a freedom fighter who wants change, but the same old supporter of the American Police state as all the other politicians.

In this article he seems to say that Muslims don't deserve the same First Amendment rights that other Americans have.

Valley Metro Pork!

When it comes to transit system that are top heavy in management according to this article the Phoenix area Valley Metro is the the third worst in the nation with 23.9 percent of costs going to administrative costs.

Russell Pearce - You can't recall me!

In this article Arizona police state Nazi comes up with a boat load of reason why he can't be recalled. Sadly I suspect that even though Russell Pearce is a nut job he will will his recall election, because most of his supporters are also nut jobs just like him.

Government Job Security is Damn Good

According to this article job security is so good for Federal government workers that they are more likely to die, then to get fired. The pay ain't bad for these royal Federal workers either. More then a half million of these parasites make $100,000 or more a year.

Cisco to fire 6,500

According to this article Cisco is planning on firing 6,500 people.

Cell Phone Snitches

Watch out the government is using the phone company to spy on your cell phone usage. According this article the phone company will tell the government every where you went based on the data it logs from your cell phones GPS signals. That is in addition to telling the government when, where and who you called for every single call you make. This article says that several crooked Los Angeles county sheriff's officers were convicted of insuranse fraud based on the GPS data that their cell phone companies provided to the cops.

Cops blame pay cuts for their crimes

In this article the cops that work for the LA County Sheriff's Office are blaming the crimes they committed on cuts in overtime pay. Well those poor babies!!!!!!

Gee, I wonder, if I get busted for robbing a 7/11, will the excuse of telling the officer that they cut back my hours by 10 percent will get him to let me go.

I kind of doubt it. But those crooked cops will use any lame excuse they can. And sadly juries usually believe them.

University Professor wants to backup the Internet

In this article a university professor wants to back up the entire Internet and save it for future generations.

I also included in the article a blurb on my history of using the Internet.

Will he succeed?

In my mind I doubt it.

On the other had considering how the cost of disk space and magnetic media has dropped in cost over the years the guy might have a fighting chance if the cost of disk space and magnetic media continues to drop at the rate it has in the past.

Google saves everything you search for?

According to this URL Google probably saves EVERYTHING that you search for.

And of course Google will turn anything and everything that you search for over to the cops.

The police know everything you Googled for?

According to this article Google probably saves EVERYTHING that you search for. And of course Google will turn anything and everything that you search for over to the cops.

If you love the police state raise you right arm and loudly say

Hiel Google

Arizona murders Thomas Paul West

According to this article the blood thirsty tyrants in the Arizona government murdered prison inmate Thomas Paul West.

The only good news about this is Thomas Paul West didn't appear to be an innocent man who was framed. Our sadistic government rulers probably executed a guilty person.

My problem with the death penalty isn't the guilty people that will be executed, but the innocent people that will be framed by overzealous cops and prosecutors and executed.

Valley Metro Light Rail & Bus Pork

According to this article Valley Metro has the third highest administrative costs of any bus agency in the USA.

Herman Cain - No Religious Freedom for Muslims?

According to this article Presidential candidate Herman Cain doesn't think Muslims should have religious freedom?

Thursday bus briver knows he is an *sshole

Since they change bus drivers a while ago the Thursday bus driver is a real *sshole. He is obnoxious and insult and very bossy, even thought he has no legal authority to boss us passengers around.

Yesterday was that bus drivers last day and as I got on the bus he said something to the effect of

Well you won't have to deal with me any more.
I guess there is two sets of good news on this.

First and most important is that I won't have to deal with this *sshole bus driver any more. It's great the creep will be down.

Second is that at least the guy knows he is an *sshole. Expand on this. Why are my views so great? Every since I was a small child I was treated as I was an outsider, not good enough to be a real person. I have never really considered myself a part of the "system". With that in mind I think I can look objectively at the "system" since I am not part of it. It's mostly a system that says do as you are told, fit in, don't ask questions, don't rock the boat, don't mock our royal rulers when they screw up things. F.A.C.E.OFF chandler_dog_lawsuit_sue.html hugh_hallman_tempe_mayor.html laws_i_want_passed.html tsa_homeland_light_rail.html republic_gun_grabbers.html tempe_beer_permit.html make up a sheet about david dorns lies to give to that lady who looks like linda chapman who attended te AI meeting and give it to here at the next meeting


The rest of the July articles are here

  The webmaster is being weird and decided to put the rest of the July news, articles, rants and other stuff here.

About all I can say is "tough luck"! If the webmaster wants to be weird there ain't much I can do about it!

Hot babes from the LA Times

Wow! Check out these hot babes in the Los Angeles Times.

Some books on my reading list

  • SENDMAIL - 3rd Edition

    by Bryan Costales and Eric Allman

  • PERL/TK - Use PERL/TK to create PC applications instead of TK/TCL


    Mastering Perl/Tk
    Graphical User Interfaces in Perl

    By Stephen Lidie, Nancy Walsh

  • PERL Graphics book. I saw a book that allows PERL to create all the graphics you can create with PHP

    Perl Graphics Programming (1st edition)

    by Shawn Wallace
    O'Reilly & Associates

    Programming Web Graphics with Perl and GNU Software
    By Shawn Wallace
    O'Reilly Media

  • PDF - Acrobat Classroom in a Book
  • PDF - how to create PDF documents in PHP
  • Postscript for old times sake (Don Lancaster?)
  • Stamp and PIC chip books
  • The Human Factor: Inside the CIA's Dysfunctional Intelligence Culture
    by Ishmael Jones
The Human Factor: Inside the CIA's Dysfunctional Intelligence Culture - by Ishmael Jones


Libertarian Party Platform April 5, 2011

  This is the Libertarian Parties Platform which I copied on April 5, 2011 from this site lp.org/platform

Visit Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon at his new home

You may want to visit Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon who is moving into the Chateau on Central.

According to this article Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon's new home is at:

Chateau on Central
6 W. Palm Lane
Phoenix, Arizona

Map of Phoenix Canal System

Here is a map of the Phoenix canal system which is run by the SRP or Salt River Project.

Map of Phoenix canal system

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