熱 天 氣 Warm Weather

March 2011


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Photos of my new bike

Here are some photos of my new bicycle!

Changing your name?

In this article they tell you what to tell the government nannies at the IRS when you change your name.

Congresswoman Giffords shot in Tucson

Here are a few articles about the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords who was shot in Tucson allegedly by Jared Loughner.

The ALP vs ALP Inc. Lawsuit

Interested in the lawsuit between the ALP and ALP Ink? Read more here.

On line internet dating?

I should create a FREE ONLINE DATING WEBSITE and make my money by displaying ads like GOOGLE does. Here is some info on Internet dating goes mainstream?

Which countries hold the U.S. debt?

Of course the answer to that is:
China, Japan, England, Brazil, Hong Kong, Canada, Taiwan, Russia
For more details check out this article.

On other question is how much this effects U.S. foreign policy? Do American government rulers give these countries special treatment to get them to invest in our worthless T Bills?

High-tech device to locate sniper fire

This article talks about a cool high tech device the size of a pack of cigarettes that is used to locate snipers.

Sounds like a cool device to use against the American Empire. Sadly the American Empire is using it to hunt down freedom fighters.

Border Partrol cops defrauding the government

In this article we have some ICE, BP or Border Patrol cops defrauding the government for fake travel expenses.

One other interesting thing is these BP cops are also using diplomatic passports like those ICE pigs who were murdered in Mexico.

Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock gets special jail visitation rights!

Susan Brock who is the wife of Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock was arrested for having sex with a 15 year old child. According to this article her husband Fulton Brock gets special visitation rights. He can visit her any time. The jail visits are not tape recorded like other jail visits. And his illegal acts of bring her contraband are tolerated.

Cops leave injured man in mineshaft to die

Cops love to tell us how they risk their lives on a daily basis to protect us, but that is a big lie.

In this article the cops and paramedics are leaving an injured man in a mineshaft to die because they are afraid to enter the mineshaft.

Why the cowardly cops are monitoring the man until he dies is beyond me. Why don't they just leave and save us the tax dollars.

On the other hand that is probably why they are monitoring the guy till he dies - so they can collect overtime pay.

I guess the cops will do anything to make the big bucks they get. Well anything except protecting us serfs.

The jerk doesn't like my English

Click here to see the last dumb thing the jerk did.

For the last couple of months the jerk has decided that his English is perfect and that my English needs to change so I talk just like him.

He usually always starts out his criticisms with "I don't want to be a butthole but ...".

Well I guess the jerk is always being a butt-hole, but we wouldn't be writing about the jerk here if he wasn't a butt-hole.

Of course I have not intention of learning his politically correct Maryland English. If you don't like listening to Arizona English why don't you move back to the socialist state of Maryland?

A chili tepin temper tantrum

Chili tepins are the 3rd hottest chili peppers in the world. I bought some of them to grind up an use to make some chili oil out of olive oil.

Of course the jerk had a temper tantrum when I said I was going to use the blender to grind up my chili peppers.

The jerk is a f*cking internet genus!

The jerk thinks I am his internet slave

If you ask the jerk he will tell you that his internet skills make him the equivalent of a neanderthal man on the internet.

Despite being an internet zero with almost not skills that doesn't stop the jerk from thinking he is smarter then any other person on the planet when it comes to diagnosing internet problems.

Some how the jerk screwed up Internet Explorer so it no longer remembers his passwords.

Of course the jerk refuses to admit or acknowledge that he f*cked things up and instead blames it on anybody but himself.

Of course the jerk didn't screw it up. The jerk says I must have screwed it up. And not only did I screw it up, I screwed it up intentionally just to f*ck the jerk over. At least that's what the jerk thinks.

If the jerk was nice and politely asked me to fix things I might even if the jerk borders on being the biggest *sshole on the planet.

Of course the jerk doesn't do that. The jerk thinks that he is my master and I am his slave and loudly commands me to fix his internet problems.

Godd*mn it! You are a f*cking idiot! I better never have to f*ck with my internet setting again in my life. Look you idiot you better fix my computer right now because I am the most important person in the universe! Right now you idiot! Listen to me! Drop everything you are doing right now and come fix my problems.

What an idiot! F*ck the jerk! Let him fix his own internet problems!

More on the jerk!

Tempe Arizona is a RUDE city

According to this article the city of Tempe, Arizona is one of the rudest's cities in the entire United States. Scottsdale, Arizona which is a city that is on Tempe's north border was also ranked as one of the rudest's cities in the United States.

March 5 - Warm weather is almost here!

I hate cold weather! Winter sucks! But warm weather is almost here.

I think the highs for this week are predicted to hit 80°F, but I don't remember it getting that warm.

On the other hand it was warm enough that I didn't have to wear my coat when I left in the morning. Yesterday I only wore a sweatshirt along with a t-shirt under it and I didn't freeze to death.

Today I left a little bit earlier at 7:00 a.m. and while it was a little cooler I only wore a sweater and I didn't freeze to death.

In another month in April it should start hitting 100°F+ and the weather should be real nice then. Of course in Phoenix the first 100°F day marks when winter ends and summer begins.

I sure will be happen when summer comes back.

Parents, kids, pot and booze

Man how things have changed over the years. When I grew up none our parents took illegal drugs. That sure has changed. Read more

10 things you don't know about the death penalty

The problem with the death penalty is that innocent people will always be executed. Here is an article about 10 things you might not know about the death penalty but it doesn't mention a word about all the innocent people that have been murdered by the government with the death penalty.

Vin says fire the messy yard cops

In this article Vin says the the best things the messy yard cops can do is write tickets to Girl Scouts for illegally selling cookies on sidewalks they should be fired.

The Reelection Machine

I got this story out of a book called:
The Ruling Class
Inside the Imperial Congress
The book is written by:
Eric Felten
The book was published in 1993 by:
The Heritage Foundation
214 Massachusetts Avenue, N.E.
Washington, D.C.


I included most of Chapter 5 which is titled "The Reelection Machine" here.

The pretty much explains and gives details on how the United States Congress is corrupt to the core and how it serves it members, rather then the people of the United States.

Don't brush your teeth?

70 percent higher chance of a heart attack

According to this article if you don't brush your teeth you have a 70 percent higher change of getting a heart attack over someone who does brush their teeth.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To be honest I could care less why the chicken cross the road? But I thought some of the answers in this article were funny so I posted it here.

Jobs program for ICE agents

According to this article this program to deport major criminals by ICE is mostly deporting honest law abiding workers who have never committed crimes or who have at most been convicted of trivial minor crimes such as jay walking.

Millions of dead fish in Redondo Beach

According to this article there is millions of dead fish in Redondo Beach.

Mesa forces hotel owners to be police snitches

In this article it sounds like the city of Mesa is about to pass a law that requires hotel owners to be agents of the police and provide the Mesa police with information that can be used to arrest any hotel guests who might be criminals. Hey you ain't got no constitional right anyhow.

Senator Scott Bundgaard beats his girl friend?

Dancing with the GOP star - Senator Scott Bundgaard - Russell Pearce loves it!

Check out this article about Arizona's Senator Scott Bundgaard who is accused of beating his girl friend. Of course Senator Scott Bundgaard blames his girl friend for all his problems.

Death to the Death Penalty!

In Illinois they just abolished the death penalty according to this article, which if you ask me is great.

No matter what humans do mistakes will always be made. And of course if we have a death penalty that means innocent people have been executed by the government and innocent people will continue to be executed by the government.

Ray Krone was the 100th innocent person to be released from death row after DNA testing found he was framed for murder by the Phoenix police.

Of course as I write this that number has increased to around 300 people who have been released from death row because DNA testing found they were innocent.

Of course we have no way of knowing how many innocent people have been executed, other then just guessing.

I my self have been a victim of a hateful mistake that destroyed by life. A guy named David Dorn started spreading lies about me claiming that I was a government snitch. That destroyed my life.

I don't know if David Dorn is one sick mother who gets his jollies by destroying the life of people he considers inferior to him or if he made a mistake.

You didn't put the CD in a envelope!

Click here to see the last dumb thing the jerk did.

Today I shot some fotos of the jerk, the jerks wife and one of his friends who was visiting.

Just to be nice I burned two CDs of the photos and gave one to the jerks friend and one to the jerks wife.

Instead of thanking me for creating the CDs the jerk yelled at me for not enclosing each of the CDs in an envelope.

The jerk continues to think I am his internet slave

Yesterday the jerk continued to think I am his internet slave and he left me one note ordering me to search some internet site for him. The jerk then gave me a 2nd note ordering me to search for a radio play list for him.

And today the jerk even had the call to ask me how the homework assignments he gave me were going!

I suspect the jerk gets his jollies from ordering people around and dreaming that he is a powerful person who controls them.

Of course in reality the jerk doesn't even have a job and hasn't supported himself in years.

More on the jerk!

Big bucks making videos?

I met some people that are involved in making videos for people. It sounds like you can make decent money doing it as a freelancer.

They seem to throw out a lot of big numbers like $5,000 to $50,000 for shooting videos.

As a computer programmer you can get $50,000 or $1,000 a week as an entry level programmer out of college and maybe $100,000 or $2,000 a week when you have some experience.

I don't know what is required to earn the $5,000 to $50,000 figures these people were talking about earning for shooting videos?

If that is something you can earn in a week it might be a better job then a computer programmer. Of course they do have lots of overhead that computer programming doesn't have like $5,000 video cameras and other expensive equipment, along with other expenses for the people you hire to help you and the studio equipment you need to rent.

It seems like SCC or Scottsdale Community College is the place to learn to shoot videos. That is all these video people talk about.


How government really works!

how government really works

how government really works


March 10 - Warm weather is almost here

It might hit 88°F today


Phoenix-area temperatures to reach high 80s this week

by Samantha Valtierra Bush - Mar. 10, 2011 09:48 AM

The Arizona Republic-12 News Breaking News Team

The Phoenix area is expected to heat up this week as temperatures hover in the 80s with a high of 88 today, according to the National Weather Service.

A high-pressure system over the Southwest is expected to keep Valley temperatures far above the seasonal average of 75 degrees for spring break and spring training, according to the weather service.

Temperatures are expected to reach 86 on Friday as the Valley enjoys clear skies and a slight breeze. Things should cool off a little as a few clouds drop the temperature to the low 80s into the weekend.

Nighttime temperatures should be in the mid-50s.

Next week should be just as pleasant as skies remain cloudless and bright and the lowest daytime temperature is 83.

Japan hit by 8.9 9.0 magnitude earthquake

According to this article an 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan at about 2:46 p.m. in Japan which is about 10:46 p.m. in Phoenix. It was a nice warm winter day in Phoenix with the high expected to hit 88°F. The article says this is the worst earthquake in recorded history to hit Japan.

I wonder if David Dorn will accuse me of causing the earthquake.


Emperor Obama


Phoenix police cover up the suicide of Sean Drenth

In this article it sure sounds like the Phoenix Police are trying to cover up the suicide of fellow cop crooked cop Sean Drenth and make it look like a murder?


First if Sean Drenth suicide is ruled a murder his wife will get a nice pension of the rest of her life.

Second I suspect in a round about way if Sean Drenth's death is ruled a murder it will make him look like a hero who died fighting crime. And of course that will make his fellow Phoenix cops look like heros.

Of course in reality Phoenix Police Officer Sean Drenth was a criminal who was cheating the city of Phoenix out of thousands of dollars in overtime pay and he was soon to be charged with felonies for his theft according to the article.

Government rulers - F*ck the Public Record laws

The Public Records laws both at the National level and at the Arizona level were mostly passed to give the public the false illusion that we have access to government documents.

Of course while on paper we have the right to see and view public records it often isn't that case in reality.

This article documents some of the problems reporters are having getting public records.

Bugs in the iPhone software

Man it sure sounds like a bunch of idiots work for Apple on the iPhone. According to this article daylight savings time caused the iPhone to jump back a n hour instead of jumping forward an hour when that silly Daylight Savings Time came last week.

Don't those idiots at Apple test their software?

Specs? Who needs stinking specs?

Helicoptor crash on El Segundo & Sepulvada

Damn I used to work about across the street from where this helicopter crashed in El Segundo. I think this helicopter crash was at that plant on El Segundo Blvd and Sepulvada. I worked on the other side of El Segundo on Continental in the Xerox building. Here is the article.

Phoenix to hit 90 on Wed?

Finally some good weather in Phoenix. It should hit 90° this Wed when former Emperor George W. Bush visits Phoenix. Today was also the first day I didn't wear a sweater when I left in the morning. It was warm enough to wear a sweatshirt and a t-shirt.


Phoenix-area temperatures expected to hit 90 degrees by Wednesday

by Allison Oswalt - Mar. 14, 2011 01:33 PM

The Arizona Repbulic-12 News Breaking News Team

Valley residents will begin to feel the warmth this week, with the first 90-degree weather of the year expected by Wednesday, according to the National Weather Service.

A high-pressure system is expected to keep temperatures well above the average high of 76 for this time of the year. Monday's high is forecast to be 87.

By Wednesday the warm weather is expected to peak at many locations across the lower desert including Phoenix, Yuma, El Centro and Imperial, according to the National Weather Service.

Toward the end of the week temperatures will cool back down into the breezy 70s as a large Pacific low-pressure system develops near the West Coast, then gradually moves onshore.

$2.34 million in 'Blood money' frees CIA murderer in Pakistan

CIA murder Raymond Allen Davis walks after paying Pakistan government $2.34 million for 2 murders Murder is always wrong. Well except if you a government ruler. So if you are a CIA murderer a mere $2.34 million will cut you loose from any murder charges as we see in this article.

Chandler PD raises money by robbing dope dealers?

Damn right the Chandler Police Department raises boat loads of money by robbing dope dealers. In this article the folks at the Goldwater Institute tell us the Chandler PD raised $2.7 million last year from robbing dope dealers.

The article points out that when the cops are busy raising money by robbing people they will probably forget that their main job is to protect the public, not raise revenue for themselves.

Are Facebook posts public records?

According to this article a lot of the stuff politicians do under Facebook is public records, but the politicians don't seem to care about obeying the public records laws.

A suit means you are telling the truth?

Sadly a lot of idiots think that if you dress nice and wear a suit you must be telling the truth. I think those people are idiots!

Sadly this cartoon makes me think of Ernie Hancock. And no I am not calling Ernie an idiot.

If you are wearing a suit you must be telling the truth?


Domain '.xxx' approved for Web porn sites

According to this article the porn industry received it's xxx domain name suffix.

What Your HR Person Won’t Tell You About ...

What Your HR Person Won’t Tell You About Being Fired What HR Won’t Tell You About Your Résumé What HR People Won’t Tell You About the Job Interview What HR People Won’t Tell You About Salaries and Raises

To avoid radiation exposure stay inside your home

  Attention! To avoid radiation exposure please stay inside your home.

What did you expect from the government? Do you think they were going to tell you something useful?

Of course this is the message the Japanese government is telling it's citizens after the March 2011 9.0 earthquake in northern Japan which damaged several nuclear power plants releasing radiation into the atmosphere.


Attention! To avoid radiation exposure please stay inside your home - Japan earthquake - March 2011


SecurID Company Suffers a Breach of Data Security

Skip all the gobbly gook in this article. In a nutshell someone stole information from the SecurID Company which will allow them to make copies of the SecurID cards. These SecurID cards generate a second password which people must supply with their first password to log into to a companies computer system.

Allergy season hits late in metro Phoenix

According to this article allergy season has finally arrived to Phoenix this year.

Government snipers murder 46 in Yemen

Government is the problem, not the solution to the problem. That is true worldwide, not just in American. In this article government snipers in Yemen murder 46 protesters.

GPS watches for terrorists?

GPS watches for terrorists? I wonder if the Feds will make these useful and cheep ($130) GPS watches illegal. After all they could be used by terrorists? Hell maps and compasses could be used by terrorists. I wonder why maps and compasses have not been made illegal?

Arab and Muslim freedom fighters

In the Arab and Muslim world the people continue their fight against the tyrants that rule over them. Check out these articles.

Need some drones to kill people

Then you probably should check out these folks in Mesa Arizona called the Thorpe Seeop Corp.

Glendale rulers to search serfs entering City Hall

The royal rulers of Glendale, Arizona don't trust the serfs they rule over and will soon begin search any and all serfs, peons, and subjects that enter the royal Glendale City Hall.

For more info on the royal rulers of Glendale and how they plan to search their serfs check out this article.

American Empire attacks Libya with missiles

American Emperor Obama today declared war on Libya and attacked Libya with missiles today according to this article.

This brings the number of Arab and Muslim countries the American Empire is currently invading, bombing, or occupying to three - Afghanistan, Iraq and now Libya.

I love my country, but I hate the war mongering tyrants that rule the American Empire.

If George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were alive today they would be up in arms attemping to overthrow the current American government because it is far worse then that tyrant King George who ruled over us in 1776.

Another guess at what "Arizona" means

In this article they tell us the word "Arizona" might mean "good oaks" from the Basque language.

I have heard a number of different theories over the years. The most common is that "Arizona" means "arid zone" because of our hot dry weather.

Congress' freshman class: Millionaire's club

According to this article most new members of Congress are millionaires. I guess just because your a millionaire doesn't mean you are a crook. And just because you are a member of Congress doesn't mean your a crook either.

Of course I suspect that most of the members of the U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate are crooks who steal our money.

Supermoon a superdud!!

Last night I checked out the alleged "super moon" and it turned out to be a "super dud".

I couldn't tell the difference between the alleged "super moon" and a normal moon.

I will include some photos I shot of the alleged "supermoon" with this article from the LA Times.


Now I am just the jerks full time slave

Well at least that is what the jerk thinks

  Click here to see the last dumb thing the jerk did.

For a while there I was just the jerks internet slave. Or at least the jerk thought I was his internet slave.

The jerk would order me to check his email for him and print it. Or the jerk would give me internet assignments on web sites the jerk wanted me to research for him.

As I have said all along f*ck the jerk!. I am not his internet slave.

I just ignore his command to fetch his email or check web sites for him.

Man the jerk really can be an *sshole!.

Now I have discovered that I am no longer the jerks internet slave. I am the jerks slave period!

Today the jerk ordered me to wake him up at 4:15 so he could remove some potatoes from the oven.

Jesus Christ when did the jerk decide I was his full time slave and alarm clock.

I told his wife I didn't have time to wake up the jerk and left. F*ck the jerk.

Even the dogs are terrified of the jerk! When ever the jerk is on the war path the dogs will attempt to hide from the jerk.

The dogs will come into the computer room and hide under the table the computer sits on. I am usually in the computer room and it is fairly easy to figure out that the jerk is on the war path when one of the dogs will sneak into the computer room and hide next to my feet under the computer table.

I don't mind helping the jerk out with stuff he can't do like creating a web page for him.

But I am down right p*ssed off when the jerk treats me like his personal slave and orders me to read his email mail and print it out for him.

Almost forgot the jerk also wanted me to work on his car today.

F*ck the jerk! He thinks he is Gods gift to mankind.

Of course if a superstitious dope and believe in God you would probably think that the jerk is not a gift from God, like the jerk thinks he is, but a punishment God gave to mankind for something we did wrong.

We have sinned so God gave us the jerk and forces us to put up with the jerks hate, anger, arrogance and pettiness!

More on the jerk!

The end of "Big Love"

I never watch soap operas, honest! But I was forced to watch the final episode of "Big Love" and it was pretty interesting.

"Big Love" is an HBO soap opera about a bunch of Mormon polygamists who have a family in Utah where the star of the show is married to three wives.

Of course the star of the show is a real jerk, who treats his three wives like like his personal property instead of like human beings. The start of the show often reminds me of the jerk who I just ranted about three paragraphs before.

Like the jerk above the star of "Big Love" thinks he is Gods give to mankind and that the world revolves around him. And of course he thinks that his 3 wives are his personal slaves, who should do everything in the world to make him happy and cater to his every whim.

Any how in the final show of "Big Love" the star of the show got shot and killed by a neighbor he p*ssed off.

Well knowing how soap operas work he got shot and the intent was to say that he was killed. But they didn't say he died, so I guess they could make him come back to life in a future show if they decide to continue the show.

The good thing about "Big Love" is when you turn off the TV set those folks disappear and you don't have to deal with them. Sadly that doesn't happen in real life when you have to deal with jerks.


Big Love HBO soap opera

I bought a chile habanero plant

chili habanero pepper or chile habañero pepper I bought a chili habanero plant at the "Botanical Gardens" in Papago Park. I wonder if it will grow some good peppers.

The chile habanero or chile habañero in Spanish is the hottest natural pepper in the world. In India they have a pepper called Bhut Jolokia which is much hotter, but I think it is a man made pepper which was created from the chile habanero.

I was hoping to find some chile tepin peppers which are local to the Phoenix area, or perhaps better said local to Arizona and the Mexican state of Sonora. Chili tepin peppers are the 3rd hottest peppers in the world.

Drug prosecutor arrested on cocaine charges

How do you spell hypocrite? I think the letters are
David Charles Schubert
David Charles Schubert is a government doper who prosecutes civilians for using the same drugs he uses. In this article David Charles Schubert who is a High-profile drug case prosecutor was arrested on cocaine charge. Personally I think that ALL drugs should be legalized and the government should end it's unconstitutional and illegal drug war.

E-Verify yourself?

According to this article you can E-Verify yourself and see if the Feds have you classified as an illegal alien.

The article says any data you enter won't be used against you. But hey the government rulers have lied lots of times in the past.

We are told the Census data is top secret and won't be used against us. But in World War II, the American government used the census data to round up the Japanese and place them in concentration camps.

Why are they asking for your address if they are not going to use it to hunt you down and put you in jail if the Feds think you are a criminal?

Again you can't trust the government.

Quartzsite rulers make it illegal to run against them

In this article the Mayor and city council of Quartzsite, Arizona have made it illegal for competitors to run against them. Now ain't that an effective way to shut out the competition? I wonder which third world dictator they learned that trick from.

March 23 - Cold weather is back

For 3 or 4 days we had real nice weather. But the cold weather came back and now I have to wear a coat. I hate cold weather!

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shot in Tucson

Here is some more news about the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shot in Tucson. Or you can check out the articles at the begining here.

No more cell phones for Charles Manson!

The morons that run the state of California are getting tough with inmates that illegally have cell phones. If they get caught they are going to be put in prison according to this article.

Of course the new silly law won't make it illegal for prison guards to bring cell phones into the prison, which according to the article is the main source of illegal cell phones which the inmates get.

BATF narcs hang out at gun shows?

From this article it sure sounds like narcs from the BATF and other police agencies hang out at gun shows looking for people who make illegal gun purchases.

Don't these pigs have any real criminals to hunt down? Of course Mike Renzulli gets upset when I call them pigs and says pigs stands for Pride Integerity and Guts. Look Renzulli call pigs what you want but they are still jackbooted police thugs!

Gangplank expands to Tucson and West Valley

According to this article Gangplank in Chandler is adding new locations in the West Valley and even Tucson.

According to another article in the East Valley Tribune, the folks at Gangplank are big time socialists and support a government funded plan to build passenger rail to Tucson.

That is too bad. I kind of like Gangplank before I found out they were socialists.

The jerk thinks he is the center of the universe!

Click here to see the last dumb thing the jerk did.

The jerk seems to think he is the center of the universe and that his life is more important the anybody elses life.

I offered to help the jerk with his computer problems today and as usual the jerk doesn't appreciate your help and will abuse you.

Of course I was expecting the abuse because the jerk ALWAYS does this when you help him.

When I got home I told the jerk I would gladly help him with his computer stuff.

Of course the jerk thinks his time is more important then anybody elses time so instead of dropping what he was doing the jerk told me to give him twenty minutes so he could finish putting away the stuff he bought at the store.

Yep typical move on the part of the jerk. You offer to help him and he say "f*ck you", I will take your help when I am damn ready to take your help.

I didn't have any intention of letting the jerk waste my time so I told him, "Look I have to go as soon as possible so I want to help you now."

Most normal people would have taken you up on the offer for free computer help but not the jerk.

The jerk responded with "What on earth do you have to do they is so important? Why can't you just wait around and help me after I finish this stuff".

Of course the jerk didn't mean that. What the jerk meant was -

"Don't you get it? I am the most important person in the universe. Why can't you just drop every thing you are doing and help me. What on earth could you have to do in your worthless life that is more important then helping me?
More on the jerk!

Target has better prices then Wal-Mart?

According to this article Target is starting to have prices that are as good or better then Wal-Market.

Jon Nelson is homeless by choice but has 'a great life'

According to this article Jon Nelson is homeless by choice in Chandler, Arizona and having a good time.

Mountain lions spotted on Scottsdale golf course

According to this article some mountain lions were spotted on a Scottsdale golf course. As a homeless person the one real fear I have is that a mountain lion will kill me while I am sleeping in the desert.

mountain lions hanging out at Desert Mountain Golf Course in Scottsdale

Idiots at Senor Center remove image editor

On Wed, March 23, 2011 the idiots at the Senor Center who teach computer classes screwed up and removed the image editor.

Well at least that is what I thought.

What happened is on all the computers they logged in as a different user so they could give their silly class.

Believe it or not they logged in as a super user.

Well when the class was over the idiots forgot to log off all the terminals.

Which meant that anybody that used one of these computers after the class was over was logged in as a privileged user and could do anything they wanted to do.

Video of some Illinois cops beating up someone

Here is a video of a cop in Illinois beating the krap out of an innocent civilian.


Or you can click here to see our honest law abiding police beat the living crap out of an innocent civilian.

I wonder if that creep David Dorn will start spreading lies about me and say I am the piggy in the video. Hey David, don't you have somebody else's life to destroy?

With porn, 'one click can ruin a life'

Linda Turley Hansen or Linda Turley-Hansen Watch out, one look at one of those dirty pictures in Playboy and your life will be destroyed.

I didn't say that. But if you listen to Linda Turley-Hansen who I suspect is a Christian nut job, that is what she says in this article.

230,000 displaced by Mexico's drug war

According to this article Mexico's drug war has caused 35,000 people to be murdered and caused another 230,000 to lose their homes.

I thought the silly "drug war" was supposed to make our lives better? Well at least that's what the government tells us!

Of course if you had a program that was a dismal failure, caused 35,000 people to be murdered and caused 230,000 people to lose their homes would you admit it was a failure?

Mexico City an unlikely draw for those fleeing drug war violence

Hmmm .... according to this article people are moving to the crime ridden capital of Mexico to avoid the crime cause by the drug war.

Just for fun I should visit Mexico City!

In Mesa you are guilty till proven innocent

If you read this article it sure sounds like you are guilty till proven innocent in Mesa, Arizona.

Tempe is the rudest city in the world?

According to this article Tempe and Scottsdale are among the rudest cities in the world.

Brush your teeth or die?

According to this article people that don't brush their teeth have a 70 percent higher chance of dying from a heart attack then people who do brush their teeth.

Impossible to open medical marijuana store in Phoenix?

According to this article the Phoenix medical marijuana laws are so strict that it is almost impossible to open a retail medical marijuana store in Phoenix.

MAMA sucks?

I guess saying that M.A.M.A. suck is putting it a bad way. I went to the Tempe Festival of the Arts this weekend and man it was really small compared to prior years.

Dead fish in Redondo Beach

According to this article there is a gazillion dead fish in Redondo Beach, California. I used to live two beaches north of there in Manhattan Beach.

Mesa forces hotels to snitch on their customers

In this article the city of Mesa, Arizona is forcing hotels to snitch on their customers by requiring hotels to demand a government issued photo ID before allowing their customers to check in.

Chandler is 4th largest city in Arizona

According to this article Chandler is now the 4th largest city in Arizona.

Phoenix PD covers up suicide of cop?

In this article it sure sounds like the Phoenix Police are trying to cover up the suicide of Phoenix Police Officer Sgt. Sean Drenth.

I suspect the cops are covering up his suicide so his widow gets to collect a big pension which will be paid by us taxpayers.

If the death is ruled a suicide, which I suspect it is, his widow is won't be allowed to collect a pension.

Apple iPhone lurches backward

According to this article the Apple iPhone has a little bug which causes it to lurch backward instead of forward when that silly Daylight Savings time comes around.

Helicoptor crashes in El Segundo

I used to work right across the street from where this helicoptor crashed in El Segundo.

Illinois sucks when it comes to gun rights

When it comes to gun rights Illinois is probably one of the biggest police states in the union. This article is about how concealed carry sucks in Illinois.

Chandler Police are big time thieves!

This article is about how the Chandler, Arizona police department literally raises millions of dollars in revenue by offering to sell marijuana to dope dealers and then robbing the dope dealers stealing both their money and the dope they sold them. Sadly in American government thieves are often worse then the criminals they pretend to protect us from.

Royal government rulers don't obey public records laws

This article is about how many government rulers in Arizona are not complying with public records laws when they post stuff on their Facebook web pages.

F*ck the public records laws

This article is about how government rulers routinely say "F*ck the public records laws, I am a royal government rulers and don't have to obey them."

Encrypting twitter messages

Here is a little blurb on how twitter messages can be encrypted using the https format.

Arabs fed up with tyrants that rule their lives

In these articles Arabs in many countries across the Middle East and Africa are demonstrating against the tyrants that rule over them. Sadly the American Empire helps many of these dictators say in power.

E-Verify yourself?

According to this article it is possible to E-Verify yourself and see what the Feds say about yourself!

Sue the Feds when you get wiretapped?

According to this article the tyrants in the Federal government make it very difficult for us serfs to sue then when they illegally wiretap us, violating our 4th Amendment rights.

Sadly people think cops are honest

Sadly according to this article most people think the police are honest law abiding citizens who obey the law. Man the government sure has done a good job of brainwashing the American people.

What's that war in Libya going to cost

About a week or so the American Empire invaded Libya and started dropping bombs on them. This article looks at the cost of the American Empires latest war in the Middle East.

A breathalyzer in your car?

Will a government mandated breathalyzer be required in your car. According to this article not at the present time. But government programs always start out as voluntary and often end up as mandatory.

Remember they told us that the Social Security card would never become an identity card. Of course now the Social Security number is the defacto identity card of the American Police state! Hiel Bush, Hiel Obama, Hiel Hitler! Long live the American police state.

Salt ain't bad if you exercise a lot

According to this article salt ain' that bad if you exercise a lot!

High test scores faked in D.C. public schools

In this article we find out that there is a very good chance that some very high test scores in government schools in Washington D.C. and other places were faked by teachers erasing wrong answers and entering the correct answer.

Summer is almost here!

March 28, 2011 - The weather has been flip flopping between summer and winter. The last few days I had to wear a coat when I got up in the morning. Today I was back go wearing a long sleeved sweat shirt.


Record temperature of 98 expected for Phoenix area on Friday

by Samantha Valtierra Bush - Mar. 29, 2011 08:45 AM

The Arizona Republic-12 News Breaking News Team

Temperatures in the Phoenix area could break records later this week with Friday's high expected to reach 98 degrees.

The National Weather Service's predictions crept up just a bit from Monday, and the chances of breaking the record are more likely. The record of 96 degrees for April 1 was set in 1966.

Tuesday should see a high of 85, and Wednesday temperatures should reach 87.

Thursday's predicted high of 93 closes in on the record for that date, which is 94. The Valley should stay in the mid-90s to high 80s through the weekend and into next week.

Fiesta Bowl Corruption

John Junker director of the Fiesta Bowl fired According to this article John Junker the director of the Fiesta Bowl has been fired for corruption. The article goes on to point out that the Fiesta Bowl is full of corruption with Fiesta Bowl money going out as bribes to politicians to get "good treatment" for the bowl. The Fiesta Bowl also spent big bucks on trips to the local strip club "Bourbon Street Circus" for lap dances.

90°F Heat Wave? Don't make me laugh

In the following article they talk about a 90°F heat wave in Los Angeles! Don't make me laugh! In Phoenix we don't even consider it warm till it hits 100°F. A heat wave in Phoenix is when it is above 115°F.


Temperatures could reach 90s as heat wave hits L.A.

March 30, 2011 | 6:32 am

After months of cold and rain, a brief wave of heat is coming to Southern California. Forecasters say the L.A. area will have highs in the 80s Wednesday and possibly the low 90s on Thursday.

Valleys in Ventura and Los Angeles counties will register the warmest temperatures before the region begins a cool-down Friday that is expected to continue through the weekend, the National Weather Service said.

The agency predicts powerful north winds will blow across much of the region over the weekend. Passes and canyons in the Santa Clarita Valley could see gusts of 20 to 30 mph.

Warmer weather was already taking hold on Tuesday, when temperatures hit 81 Chatsworth and 80 in Ojai. Downtown Los Angeles topped out at 71 degrees, according to the Weather Service.


If we hired the same way we elect

If we hired the same way we elect - Purity Garage - Mechanic Wantet - Must hate cars and the car industry - No experience preferred

Child porn on MCSO's Joel Fox's Computer?

Maricopa County Sheriff Captain Joel Fox From a Libertarian point of view I think ALL victimless crimes should be legalized. If their isn't a victim there isn't a crime.

I have posted a number of articles where both Arizona cops and Federal cops have been arresting people for having dirty pictures on their computers. The result is usually that these people receive draconaian sentences which will end up with them spending the rest of their lives in prison for looking at dirty pictures.

Of course I think the cops have a double standard on this. In this article we find out that one of Sheriff Joe's top henchmen, Joel Fox is accused of having links to child porn on his computer.

Will Joel Fox be sentenced to the rest of his life in prison like other folks that have been arrested with dirty photos of kids on their computers? Or will Joel Fox get a slap on the wrist?

I suspect there is a double standard and Joel Fox won't be arrested for anything.

Veolia gets out of $2 millions in fines

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon's girl friend Elissa Mullany, is on the payroll of Veolia Transportation. According to this article that may be the reason Veolia Transportation is getting out of paying $2 millions in fines.

Arizonans can now get medical marijuana cards

According to this article people in Arizona can now get medical marijuana cards. While the PEOPLE have voted to legalize marijuana in Arizona for medical purposes the tyrants that rule us don't seem to get it.

Reading the article and the corresponding laws passed by the politicians it sounds like getting a medical marijuana card is about as easy as applying to your parole board and asking to be released 10 years early.

Felipe Calderon's drug war is a failure!

According to this article Mexicans think Felipe Calderon's drug war is a failure! It's time to legalize ALL drugs, NOW!

Colombia's Cocaine Submarines

Let's fact it the drug war is a dismal failure. The only people that are winning the drug war are the cartels that make megabucks selling drugs to American citizens, and the cops who get megabucks from the government to terrorize and jail people for victimless drug war crimes. This narco submarine is a good example of how the drug war is failing.

Secret X-37B space plane found again!

I guess the X-37B space plane ain't as secret as our royal government rulers think it is.

A cop in every bedroom closet?

If you talk to the folks that favor government I think most of them will say something to the effect that the purpose of government is to do the few things that the private sector can't do. And of course that government should be very limited.

One of the problems with government is that it always turns into a jobs program for the special interests that run the government.

In this case the cops seem to want to turn government into a jobs program where every citizen should have a cop living in their bedroom closet to spy on them just to make sure they don't do anything wrong.

This article is about the license plate cameras and computers the cops use to spy on us.

Hiel Hitler the police state is here!


Some Laws I would like to see passed

  Here are a few laws I would like passed to make the world a better place to live and to make government rulers accountable for their actions, and to prevent our government masters from micromanaging our lives.

This is just wishful thinking on my part, with the assumption that we are going to have government forced on us.

In reality I am a Libertarian Anarchist and I don't think any government should be allowed to rule over you, unless you give that government consent to rule over you.

And of course if you give a government consent to rule over you, you should always have the option of revoking that consent.


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